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Performance appraisals have captured all the attention in HR trends over the past several years.  Real-time feedback and streamlined performance management are all the rage but are they the primary drivers of success in companies?  During this presentation we will discuss the hidden drivers of performance. Such as identifying high performing talent and the process of matching them with the right roles.  We will show you techniques that will improve your managers ability to coach, give effective feedback and improve employee retention with career mobility. Avoid poor workforce performance by learning the key programs that will make a difference in your company.

Understand the factors that attract top performing talent.

Learn how to identify the unique skills that create competitive advantage in your company.

Apply techniques that measure a candidates ability to perform effectively in your unique environment.

Create programs that build trust and inspire the workforce to perform and contribute at high levels.

Teach managers specific coaching methods to encourage accountability and drive behaviors.

Adopt key performance pay and recognition programs to focus and reward achievement.

We have all seen the headlines in recent years: leading organizations like Microsoft, GE, and Accenture have changed the way they measure employee performance. This major shift shows no sign of slowing down. Other companies are increasingly following their lead, and for good reasons. Employees and managers alike dread traditional performance reviews, and even find them disruptive to business. There’s a better way to improve workforce performance, but the path to success is not the same for all companies.

During this information-rich webinar, Sam Reeve, President of CompTeam, will discuss tips for crafting workforce performance programs that go beyond simple appraisals.  We will discuss how to attract and select a high performing workforce then we will review talent programs that will encourage them to stay at your company and contribute at high levels.  You’ll learn the most practical and effective techniques that top-performing companies have already implemented. Don’t go another year with a program that doesn’t work; modernize your practices now and make a successful shift to begin taking your company’s talent programs to an entirely new level.

  • Understand the real drivers of workforce performance that are necessary at each point in an employees experience with the company, starting from hiring, onboarding, then developing and engaging talent.

  • Attract a high performing workforce

    • Know how to communicate the unique benefits your company provides to attract the right talent.

    • Discover the unique knowledge, skills and abilities for each job that drives performance

    • Determine the best fit between candidates to drive results

  • Retain your best employees

    • Building trust and accountability among managers and employees

    • Effective coaching and feedback techniques

    • Employee development and career mobility

  • Engage and motivate the workforce

    • Understand intrinsic motivation and how to focus employees on what they do best

    • Focus and drive behaviors using appropriate performance pay and recognition

Owners/Executives,General Management, Human Resources and Compensation Specialists   All industries, globally

Sam Reeve is the President of CompTeam, a global employee pay and performance consulting firm that helps all types of companies have happier, more motivated employees while saving over 5% a year on their pay budgets.  He is a global certified compensation consultant (CCP, GRP) with over 15 years of experience in Total Reward Strategies.        

Sam’s diverse experience includes the design and optimization of performance driven variable compensation plans for executive, sales and core employee populations of growing companies.  His core focus is leading companies through transformational change by optimizing talent initiatives with reward programs to achieve long term strategic objectives.

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