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In this presentation, I will discuss the importance of prioritizing and being proactive about establishing safeguards against ethical and moral failures both for yourself and for the company you lead.  We will learn why we are all vulnerable, what makes us more vulnerable, and 5 sociological factors behind systemic ethical/moral breakdown in an institution (Enron, etc) what are critical character virtues and how to enhance them, we will do self evaluations for vulnerability, and what are steps and measures to take to mitigate the likelihood of destructive ethical and moral failure

  • Why this issue should be every leader’s priority

  • What are the roots of poor ethical and moral behavior

  • 5 warning signs that a company/office is vulnerable to ethical moral failure

  • 3 key character virtues and how to enhance them

  • practical steps to take to avert disaster

  • a better understanding of one’s own vulnerability, and the vulnerability of your company

  • key reasons for systemic failure

All peoples should attend, but mostly leaders, those who have recently been promoted, those about to be promoted, or those who have experienced a tremendous amount of success or failure in the past 12-15 months are particularly vulnerable.

  • an overview of failed institutions and prominent individuals

  • Humility and why it is misunderstood and underappreciated

  • How to improve in the areas of humility, courage, and trust

  • 6 warning signs that your business is heading for moral/ethical failure

  • Why all people are vulnerable to ethical or moral failure

  • 5 major sociological factors behind systemic ethical breakdown/dysfunction of an institution

  • how to assess your own vulnerability

  • how to assess your company’s vulnerability

  • practical steps to help avert ethical or moral disaster

  • proactively developing your legacy

Industries of finance, education, HR or any high profile institutions.

George Vallese is a former pastor, counselor, educator and administrator, who now works as a consultant for corporate culture and leadership development. His expertise and insights into ethical propriety have evolved from the failures and successes of supervisors, peers and subordinates in a diverse field of disciplines.  

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