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As banks and other financial institutions have developed and implemented strong measures to detect and prevent money laundering, criminals have now resorted to new forms of storing and transferring illicit assets.  One of the more prominent ways of doing so is through real estate. While the rules are not yet stringent on real estate intermediaries to implement AML programs, it is wise for real estate brokers and agents to be aware of the money laundering risks and take action to address those risks.  This webinar will look at how money laundering threatens the real estate industry and what steps those involved in real estate transactions can take steps to protect their businesses through risk identification and management.

This training is essential for anyone working in a financial institution or real estate who is involved in AML compliance.  The course will inform the attendee of the basics of identifying money laundering risks and how to effectively manage a program to handle and address those risks as relevant to the real estate sector.

• Learn what money laundering risks threaten real estate transactions.

• Learn about efforts by law enforcement and regulators to enforce anti-money laundering laws on real estate activities, including targeted enforcement actions.

• Learn how to identify “red flag” indicators that can highlight money laundering risks in real estate.

• Learn how to take proactive steps to protect your real estate business from being involved in money laundering.

• Hear about case studies where money laundering used real estate to hide illicit assets.

•           What is money laundering?

• How can money laundering threaten real estate sector?

• Identifying “red flag” indicators to highlight potential money laundering issues

• Understanding your clients and the transactions to identify potential risks

• Reporting requirements

• Evaluating the effectiveness of your AML program

• Case studies

Bank compliance and AML officers

Risk and compliance staff

Bank and other financial institution management

Mortgage officers

Property managers

Kenneth Barden is a seasoned Compliance and Regulatory Specialist.  He was trained as a lawyer and is admitted to the practice of law in the United States and abroad.  He is a certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist and is COSO-certified. He has over 37 years of experience in both the public and private sector, including over 14 years overseas. He has been a contributing author to several books, articles and other publications relating to compliance issues.  He is a graduate of Indiana University School of Law, and has completed several post-graduate study programs.

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