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Whether you’re a recruiter or a hiring manager, you need to know much more about Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) compliance than just what’s on a list of “illegal interview questions” you may have been provided with at some point in your career. Sure, there are things that you should never ask in a job interview, but that’s not the whole story. No list of questions can be comprehensive enough to cover all of the key EEO information that everyone involved in hiring needs to know about, no matter how long that list might be.

This informative webinar, which is designed for people involved in all aspects of the hiring process, provides key facts about U.S. EEO compliance in the context of applicant/candidate screening and hiring employees. Attend this information-packed session and discover how to navigate EEO compliance by screening applicants and candidates, conducting interviews, and making hiring decisions.

As a result of engaging in this session, you will deepen your knowledge of off-limits topics for the hiring process beyond any list of illegal interview questions you may have been introduced to in the past. Such a list may (in some cases) be a good starting point, but they don’t fully equip people who are involved in hiring decisions with a comprehensive EEO and its role in the hiring process. Here, you’ll learn not only what not to ask, but also what types of information can’t be considered when making hiring decisions – and why.

  • Why a list of ‘illegal interview questions’ to avoid is not sufficient
  • What the protected characteristics are and why they are off-limits during the hiring process
  • Common hiring process mistakes (to avoid) related to protected characteristics
  • Examples of less-than-obvious off-limits topics based on real-world situations
  • Best practices to avoid EEO-related risks and liability related to the hiring process

The goal of this training program is for participants to develop (and be able to apply!) a working knowledge of the kinds of information that cannot be used in the hiring process to stay in compliance with equal employment opportunity requirements.
Learning objectives include:

  • Clarification of what all the protected characteristics are
  • How protected characteristics relate to the hiring process
  • Brief overview of EEO laws as relevant to the hiring process

  • Recruiter
  • Staffing specialist
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Human Resources Coordinator
  • Human Resources Business Partner
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Human Resources Director
  • Manager (with hiring responsibilities)
  • Supervisor (with hiring responsibilities)
  • Business Owner (with hiring responsibilities)
  • Executive (with hiring responsibilities)

Mary Gormandy White is managing director of MTI Business Solutions, a leading Gulf Coast-based corporate training/talent development firm working with clients throughout the United States. She specializes in training and consulting services related to HR, management, leadership, communication, team building, Everything DiSC, Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, Six Sigma and more. Mary holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in Communication. Her certifications include Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) and Everything DiSC Certified Trainer/Accredited Workplace Facilitator. Mary’s professional background includes extensive experience in management, HR, instructional design and communication. She is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences and association meetings nationwide.

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