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I used to Charge $10,000 a Day to Teach People These Same Strategies … People Who were Earning A Million Dollars Or More Per Year … and Wanted to Earn 10, 20, 30 Million A Year or More! These Skills & Insights will Completely Transform How You Look at & Do Sales & Marketing!  Learn The Strategies & Skills Of Millionaire Sales & Marketing People, To Get Impressive Results For Yourself.  Don’t Guess … DUPLICATE Success!

Let “Prof. Paul” show you the Hidden Secrets of Sales/Marketing Psychology Known only to the most Successful Salespeople & Marketers in the World.  Learn Tools, Strategies, and Techniques even Harvard doesn't teach!
WINNERS Take ACTION!  Start Today ... Be A Better Salesperson / Marketer Tomorrow!

  • Basic Through Advanced Sales & Marketing Skills
  • Discover HOW Your Customers THINK & What DRIVES Them  - To Make More Sales Than Ever & Improve Your Marketing Strategies
  • How To Deal With Customer Objections Fast & Effectively
  • Eliminate Misperceptions About How To Be An Effective (& Wealthy) Salesperson
  • Gain New Cutting-Edge Sales Techniques Used by The World’s TOP Salespeople
  • Learn The BEST Sales & Marketing Techniques … That Have Been Proven Scientifically & In The Field
  • Learn HOW to Get Customers To LIKE You & Buy From You OVER & OVER AGAIN!
  • Discover The Secrets Of How The TOP Salespeople & Marketers Become WEALTHY
  • Learn the Strategies & Insights Of How Top Copywriters Make Massive Sales
  • Learn The Hidden PSYCHOLOGY Of Selling & Marketing
  • Discover The Top Sales/Marketing Strategies Used By Millionaire Sellers & Marketers
  • Learn HOW Simple Changes In Sales/Marketing Strategies & Techniques Can Make a HUGE Difference in Sales!

Much of what is taught in Sales & Marketing courses today is Old B.S. ("Belief Systems") that just doesn't work for the Salesperson or Marketer anymore. Old, Outdated ideas will actually Hurt you in the New Millennium. You need Cutting-edge Tools, Tips, and Strategies that REALLY get the Sales. Let CEO & Celebrity Trainer “Prof. Paul” teach you the Hidden Secrets that WEALTHY Salespeople & Marketers use to Rise above the rest. This top-notch training can help you Sell more than you ever thought possible.

  • Sales People
  • Marketers
  • Speakers
  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • CEOs
  • Managers
  • Trainers
  • Clerks
  • Department Heads
  • Directors
  • Executives

Paul J.Cline Serial Entrepreneur and Psychology Expert. CEO at Advanced Ideas, Inc, Award Winning University Professor, Therapist, Corporate Trainer, Professional Speaker, Internet Marketing Expert, and Business Consultant. I have 4 Advanced Degrees, Extensive Experience in the fields of Business & Psychology, and a Wealth of Information to Share!

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