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Email etiquette refers to the code of conduct that guides one’s behavior while writing and/or answering emails. These principles are intended to demonstrate professionalism and mutual respect between those exchanging emails. The principles can be modified to suit the audience and purpose. For example, the emails you send your friends are probably quite different from the ones you send your coworkers.

  • Improve professional relationships and personal reputation
  • Convey a professional image of you, your employees, and the organization as a whole
  • Convey a sense of respect, consideration, and efficiency, which can lead to improved relationships and productivity
  • Service with Empathy 
  • Communicate with power and confidence to create a win-win situation through emails.
  • A checklist of Do’s and Don’ts with salutations and words.
  • List all the reasons an email goes out from the organization and the department/person accountable for it then they can divide it into Pre and Post-marketing emails.
  • The subject line will be self-explanatory with defined keywords. 
  • Actionable driven emails
  • Emails will have a call to action so that the receiver will know what is the desirable result and action to be taken.
  • Emails will be delegated to the right person. 
  • Self-explanatory names are to be designed as per the attachments and links attached in the email.
  • The company identified formatting with font size, color, and standard signatures with relevant information to showcase the uniformity of the brand. 
  • Understand and identify when to call or respond to emails. 
  • Urgent work will get prioritized. 

  • 7 C’s Communication
  • Effective Communication dialogues to express views speaking and Writing
  • Why Emails are important in today’s world
  • Common Pointers for all kinds of emails
  • Checklist of Do’s and Don’ts
  • Data Representation
  • Pros and Con’s
  • Email Etiquettes checklist
  • Reporting problems over emails

Professionally in today’s world businesses are run on two factors 1. A 5-star customer Service. 2. Nurture your clients through emails and relationships. One easy and fast way to communicate within seconds with anyone anywhere in the world.

  • Business Owners
  • Leaderships
  • Customer Service companies
  • Professionals who are handling clients
  • Solopreneurs

Gurpreet Kaur is a communication coach and consultant for entrepreneurs who wish to grow their profits by helping their business sales and customer service team engage in meaningful and effective conversations within and outside the organization. She has authored a book “Mind the Gap“and founder of “DialoguePlus by GK”. Through her B.O.L.T. framework for speaking and connecting to people has helped many organizations and professionals to speak, write, and build connections and culture in the work environment. Dealing and handling difficult situations and stakeholders internal and external have become easier to manage.

During her working experience, she has worked with NGOs and companies like GE, Havells, and RS Components. She has written articles for magazines and Newspapers and addresses many people through her talks. She is also a JOSH Talk speaker and has been interviewed By Zee Leaders Today Business TV Channel. She has trained more than 1800 people and 50 plus companies have been transformed by her. 

She holds a Bachelor’s degree and a software engineering by qualification and studied deeper lengths in subjects like leadership, communication, networking, and marketing. 

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