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In this program, we will review a range of topics, including an exploration of the current customer service landscape. We will provide information and insights regarding the key trends and challenges surrounding customer service and give examples of exceptional customer service. We will also touch on strategies to improve the performance of customer service teams. Throughout the workshop, we will emphasize the significance of empathy, active listening, and building strong relationships with customers.

Attendees will also explore the importance of reaching across touchpoints and departments to ensure we deliver the intended level of customer experience.Finally, we will talk about identifying and analyzing pain points, and methods to implement creative and personalized solutions to deliver a seamless experience. Participants will benefit from interactive exercises, and examples of real case studies helping them gain insight into managing challenging customers and situations.


Upon successful completion of this course, the learner should be able to:

  • Explain why customer satisfaction adds value to your business
  • Evaluate the characteristics of a customer-centric culture
  • Determine the characteristics of active listening
  • Analyze how to problem-solve simple customer service issues
  • Explain how to build trust with customers
  • Define psychological safety
  • Demonstrate how to give supportive feedback

Unfavorable customer service can lead to various fears, uncertainties, and doubts for customers, employees, and businesses. Listed here are just a few:

  • Loss of Customer Loyalty
  • Reduced Employee Morale and Increased Turnover
  • Unfavorable Impact to Customer Base
  • Negative Reviews and Word-of-Mouth
  • Damage to Business Reputation
  • Depletion of Revenue, Reduced Stakeholder Confidence and Sale
  • Legal Implications for the Business
  • Competitive Disadvantage

Customer Service Representatives, Team Leaders, Trainers and Facilitators Department Heads, Process Writers, Customer Success Specialists, Marketing, Sales, Customer Advocates, Support Teams, Installation, and Repair.

For over 30 years, Beverly has been deep in the trenches building teams, coaching talent, and helping people reach their professional best. Her approach is formed by a successful 25-year career at AT&T, plus engagements with the State and Federal Governments. Beverly will combine her extensive industry knowledge with targeted Project Management and HR Certifications to help clients build high-performing Customer Service Teams and create processes that deliver exceptional customer experiences. As a published thought leader and podcast host, she enjoys bringing attention to the benefits that employees and employers alike experience through improving their culture and service delivery. Beverly feels that once organizations realize that their culture is the soil in which all things grow, they can be more intentional about aligning policies and practices and investing in training and development programs. The goal is to foster and nurture a culture of psychological safety, autonomy, and flexibility, where employees thrive and grow!
As the owner of Strategic HR Consultants, a Leader and Coach, Beverly plans to show clients who struggle with high customer complaints, and low employee engagement, how to build stronger teams that deliver better customer experiences.

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