Understanding International ACH

Recorded Session
60 Minutes


    There are many ways of making payments internationally. International ACH is one that is often not understood but can be very advantageous for efficiently and cost-effectively making payments to other countries.

    This webinar will explain what International ACH is, how it works and more about an organization that is creating global standards to make it even easier. It will discuss the rationale for choosing International ACH and how it differs from US domestic ACH

Learning Objectives

    This webinar will explain the concept of International ACH, how it works, rationale for choosing it and how it differs from US domestic ACH. It will also discuss what the International Payments Framework Association (IPFA) is and how it addresses International ACH issues. Instructor will cover customer benefits and value proposition regarding International ACH and why it may be preferred over wire transfers.

Why Should You Attend?

    To learn more about an efficient, cost-effective method for international payments.  

Area Covered

    • International ACH – what is it?

    • Customer benefits and value proposition

    • Payment types

    • When to use International ACH vs. wires

    • How it works – process flow

    • Differences between US ACH and International ACH

    • International Payments Framework Association (IPFA) – what is it and how does it address International ACH issues.

    • IAT (International ACH Transaction)

Who will benefit?

    Financial institutions, corporations that make international payments, government, technology providers

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Speaker Profile

ins_img Jane Hennessy

Jane Hennessy was Head of External Alliances at G2 Web Services.  G2 is a technology and services company that helps banks, processors and their partners ensure safer and more profitable commerce. Clients representing over half of merchant outlets globally use our solutions to identify bad actors and keep them out of the payments system.Jane was previously Executive Vice President and Manager, Marketing, Strategy and Information Management, Cross-sell and International Personal Banking in the International Group, Wells Fargo Bank,N.A.   Her responsibilities included marketing and strategy for all lines of international business including trade services and trade finance, foreign exchange, correspondent banking, …