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Blog: How to Build a Competitive Work Culture to Foster Workplace Productivity

Added By: 247compliance,   Dated: Oct. 20, 2020,  Industry: HR Compliance

While in most workplaces, company culture is usually a secondary factor or is not given much importance when compared to deadlines, these workplaces lose much on a broader level in terms of fostering a work culture for enhanced productivity, workplace efficacy, and collaborative work culture for a multigenerational workforce.

This blog discusses important factors that draw out important strategies that every workplace needs to imply to foster a workplace with a competitive work environment.

A formative structure to inculcate team-building strategy

Most successful companies are adopting a strategy that includes an in-house workplace competition, involves several departments to form a contingent on a competitive agenda at the workplace. These competitions improved the company's return and motivated coworkers to work together, coaching one another, and cheering on their peers.

Making your in house competition valuable

A competitive workplace must always give a positive outlook to the employees rather than giving employees to forge real competitive scenarios such as turning against each other or developing a feeling of apprehension and agony towards other employees. These competitions must stand valuable to every employee in terms of developing soft skills and being productive in the workplace.

Keeping it all simple

When your employees generate original ideas, it can do wonders for your business, opening the door to new customers and markets. But launching a new product or service, or even improving on current procedures, isn't always the easiest thing to do. 

Intentionally match pairs for performance

Random pairings can be successful, but you also may benefit from strategically pairing coworkers for competitive endeavors. Whether you match high and low performers or the dedicated, long-time employee with the recent college grad, these competitions give you the ultimate opportunity to utilize mentorship and one-on-one coaching from your top workers. Plus, it allows more people to get involved, share ideas, and put on their creative caps.


Workplace culture stands to be one of the highly proficient factors in propagating workplace productivity. Instilling workplace competition can promote workplace productivity by engaging positive and healthy workplace competition among employees. The above-mentioned steps are effective when applied successfully and effectively.