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You’ve seen what is happening with AI. Businesses around the world are tapping into the power of AI through tools like ChatGPT, Canva, Stable Diffusion, ElevenLabs, and many more.
But are you getting the most from these and other AI Tools? Have you seen what is available with some of the Plug-ins for ChatGPT? These are amazing and could save you hundreds of hours in processing time. You can also use key tools to get the attention of more people for your work.
Join us for this exciting (and fun!) AI Master Class as you get to see exactly what is available and exactly (yes, step-by-step) how to make this magic happen for you.
No, this will not be just another “mumbo jumbo” confusing tech session with a bunch of computerese gobble-de-goop!
No way!
This is going to help you transform into an AI user who gets the most for key tools that will blow your mind when you see them.
Some of the tools we’ll cover will include (but not be limited to):

  • ChatGPT (of course we will cover that!)
  • CastMagic (yes, it is “magical” for repurposing your content from your Podcast, YouTube Channel, and other areas).
  • Perplexity (an amazing search tool that can help you get what you need in real-time).
  • Prompt Perfect (a ChatGPT plug-in that lets AI create the perfect prompts so you get the best results)
  • Canva  (See the fabulous tools that are now available for you for presentations, Magic Write, Text To Image, and more)
  • Others as they come on the market — and are relevant to you!

You know AI is changing the world. Here is your golden opportunity to see what is happening (you’ll love it) and discover how you and your team can implement these immediately.
Important Note: AI is changing fast. This course will be up-to-date with relevant tools on the day of the event. You won’t have to endure hearing out-of-date and old tools. This will be highly relevant and timely for you and your team.
Don’t be left behind. Discover the “magic” of AI for you and your team today.

  • Discover what AI is and how it is being used
  • Discover some of the “dark” sides of AI and how to deal with them to avoid problems
  • Discover how you can implement practical business applications immediately using AI
  • Learn about other tools that can help you and your team in presenting, building your marketing plan, and getting the right visual tools, and audio tools.
  • Find out what you can do to expand your knowledge of languages by having an “AI buddy” teach you — in your native language and in your target language!
  • Get answers to your specific questions

  • ChatGPT
  • ChatGPT  plug-ins (this will be exciting as you learn what is available now and how to tap into future tools!)
  • Canva AI tools. Discover what is available on this powerful graphics tool now with AI (you will be amazed!)
  • Perplexity. Find out what the heck this one is and how it can transform how you search and get information for writing, marketing, email messages, and more.
  • Discover what is being done with tools like CastMagic that can repurpose your YouTube, Podcast, and other content faster and easier than you’ve ever seen before.
  • Find out how to stay up on all this fast-changing world of AI is bringing. It could be easy to feel overwhelmed. When you get this handy trick, you’ll be able to deal with what is happening now — and into the future!
  • Learn about key graphic tools that can help you and your team develop dazzling graphics for presentations, hand-outs, resource materials, and more (some of these tools are jaw-dropping amazing!)
  • Find out how the pros around the world stay on top of what is necessary and how they decide where to focus.

This is the event for you to attend if you want to learn how to use AI for your business — and personal — goals. Your instructor, Terry Brock, has helped businesses around the world (44 countries and counting) for decades. His presentations are packed with relevant information you can use and delivered in a conversational, easy-to-understand, fun way. You want to be here and experience this amazing technology for yourself.

The right target audience will be those who are creating content and want to know what is possible and how to make it work. They’ll see what is possible with key AI tools and then discover how they can make it work for what they do. Those who are Entrepreneurs will find it particularly helpful.

Other groups will be those who think like Entrepreneurs in their team and want to make a positive difference using the tools of AI for their team.

This will also be helpful for managers who need to know what is happening and how to make sense of the confusing world of AI. They will gain knowledge of what is happening and how they can use it. They’ll also learn about how to deal with the challenges and potential dangers of AI. Anyone who is wondering about how to use AI will find this beneficial.

Terry Brock is known for being able to present technical information in a fun, informative, and highly relevant way. He has worked with organizations and individuals around the world (44 countries and counting!) since 1983. He is a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, is a Certified Speaking Professional, and has received the highest award from the National Speakers Association they have called the Cavett (one per year awarded). He’s worked as the Chief Enterprise Blogger with Skype, Chief Editor for AT&T’s largest blog overseeing more than 100 subject matter experts, and served as a Chief Retail Advisor for Ace Hardware. He brings a message that is highly relevant and delivered in a fun, entertaining style that helps his students learn faster and remember the content longer.

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