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Have you had days where all you get done is face payment fraud, unauthorized complaints, transaction investigations, and a struggle to find resolve? Of course, you have! We all have and you’re not alone. But, how do we stay on top of identifying and preventing fraud when something new comes up almost daily? And, how do we incorporate it into an ever-evolving and more complicated risk management program? This session will give you a good understanding of how you can use analytics to help get a handle on your data to enhance your risk management and reduce your manual processes to identify and prevent unauthorized and fraudulent claims. 

  • Why is effective risk management important? 
  • Handling unauthorized complaints, transactions investigations, and the process and procedures that should be in place. 
  • How to implement an effective risk management program. 
  • How to identify risks in transaction monitoring and what should be done after risks are identified. 
  • How to use data analytics for monitoring transactions and preparing for ACH credit transaction monitoring.
  • Most current regulations, laws, and rules relating to payment fraud, transaction monitoring, and risk management.

  • Risk management
  • Deposit operations
  • BSA/AML monitoring and compliance
  • Financial Regulation and Compliance
  • Treasury Management
  • Due diligence – onboarding and periodic risk reviews
  • Audit

  • Understanding the differences between emerging payments, faster payments, instant payments, and payment channels. 
  • Identifying and preventing fraud from these emerging payments.
  • How does monitoring transactions within a risk management program look and what to do if a transaction is identified?

  • VP (and up), Deposit Operations
  • Back Office Operations Payment Services
  • Risk Officer (CRO, ERM)
  • Compliance Officer
  • COO
  • Treasury Management 
  • Audit (Internal audit)
  • Any AAP or APRP accreditation 
  • Commercial Loan Officer – Communicating directly with non-consumer customers using Treasury Management Services
  • Payment Services – (Customer facing and back office)

Nanci McKenzie is an experienced speaker and a recognized expert in the field of payment technology. She currently is an independent consultant. With over 38 years of experience in the payment technology industry, Nanci has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in payment processing, fraud prevention, and risk management.

Prior to consulting opportunities, Nanci was with Affirmative Technologies. Nanci held senior leadership positions at financial institutions and payment technology companies, where she oversaw product development, strategic planning, and deposit operations. Her experience has provided her with a deep understanding of the payment technology landscape and the challenges that financial institutions face in this rapidly evolving industry.

Nanci holds a B.S. in Business and Information Management from Seminole State College and a Juris Master's degree in Financial Regulation & Compliance from Florida State University College of Law. She is currently working toward her Master of Legal Studies from Thomas R. Kline College of Law at Drexel University in two concentrations, Financial Regulatory Compliance and Cybersecurity and Data Privacy. She is also an Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) and an Accredited Payments Risk Professional (APRP).

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