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Formulating an error-free HMDA report has inflicted a heavy task over the years. There are regular changes in the rules and regulations under the leadership of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for 2018 and large institutions in 2020. Regulators are often confounded to the latest updates on these rules. HMDA reporting mistakes, when ignored, can cause a fortune or even rigorous rework. In this live webinar, the speaker discusses important tools and techniques to avoid these reporting mistakes. Attend this webinar to help your organization most successfully avoid mistakes in HMDA reporting.

  • Learn how regulators view the importance of HMDA reports and what their major concerns are likely to be
  • Understand the most common errors, so as to focus improvement where the effort will mostly bring benefits
  • Understand which errors are most likely to be viewed as serious by regulators
  • Tools and techniques will be discussed that have proven useful in helping management to reducing mistakes

  • A regulator's perspective
  • Large-scale mistakes
  • Individual applications' mistakes
  • Things management can do to reduce mistakes
  • Things staff can do to reduce mistakes

In the process of developing HMDA (Home Mortgage Disclosure Act) reports it is possible to make a variety of mistakes. Some of these are considered more significant than others. Some are more common than others. If the number of mistakes is high, it can result in rework and even fines. This can result in loss of trust in your institution by regulators, which is never a good thing. The Topic is based on statistics as to common mistakes and the experience of a former regulator as to which mistakes will be viewed as most significant to the regulators. It will also cover material useful in helping any operation reduce human errors.

Anyone working in HMDA reporting including associates, supervisors, and managers

Jim George is an independent consultant to banks focusing on issues of fraud. He brings over 25 years as a consultant to major banks in Associate Partner and Principal roles at PriceWaterhouse-Coopers Consulting, IBM Consulting in Bank Risk and Compliance and Andersen Consulting (now Accenture). He has also been SVP Operations for a Fortis-US division providing outsourcing services to the banking industry. 

Jim's work has included projects in fraud investigation, fraud prevention, identity issues, compliance and AML (anti-money laundering). His background includes work in bank operations and payments strategy, reengineering, systems and quality improvement.

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