The Art Of Succession Planning: Plan Today To Succeed Tomorrow

Recorded Session
60 Minutes


    While performance expectations for companies are increasing more than ever, talent mobility is also increasing at the same time and pace. Most companies with more than 500 employees have already taken some steps to begin a succession planning process for senior management positions - yet have they been 100% effective at making sure that the right talent is ready at the right time? One of the key goals of any succession planning effort should be that there is no “hiccup” in seamlessly executing the business plan, at least from a talent perspective.

    This webinar will offer lessons we have learned, as succession planning practices mature, that could be helpful in increasing the effectiveness of your company’s succession planning efforts.

Learning Objectives

    • Learn whether to adopt a “build or buy” strategy
    • Understand the process flow that comes with succession planning
    • Efficiently apply the succession process
    • Identify what steps are needed for assessment and review
    • Identifying high potential talent
    • Follow the succession check list
    • Know which competencies are needed and should be prioritized
    • Work with key roles for strategy implications

Area Covered

    • Businesses cases which outline Succession Plans
    • Best practices & guiding principles
    • Moving from a simple to a systematic approach
    • Understanding talent reviews
    • Running critical job risk assessments
    • How to integrate succession planning with business planning
    • The challenges and pitfalls that come with succession planning
    • The metrics used
    • Your questions

Who will benefit?

    • HR professionals
    • OD managers
    • Leadership Development professionals
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Speaker Profile

ins_img Dr. B. Lynn Ware

Dr. Ware is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and CEO of Integral Talent Systems, Inc. (ITS)ITS is a global technology enabled talent management consulting firm specializing in bringing the science of talent management to the bottom line.ITS is a pioneer in the field of attracting and retaining top talent, as the company was the first consulting firm dedicated to this workplace issue that began emerging in the U.S. during 1996 and has since become a global concern.Dr. Ware is frequently engaged with corporate clients to provide guidance on how to create “employer of choice” environments, so that they can attract and keep the best talent in their respective industries.ITS provides this guidance …