Project Management for administrative professionals

25 Jan 2022
12:00 PM PST | 03:00 PM EST
90 Minutes






    Today Administrative Professionals perform many operations once performed by specialists. These activities are actually “projects.” Because management doesn’t recognize these assignments as projects, few Administrative Professionals receive training or tools to help manage the work efficiently and effectively. Work is added to an already full schedule, major decisions have been made elsewhere, and you have no “team” to help. Administrative Professionals can and do plan, execute, and manage projects to get desired results on time and on budget. Adapt widely-used approaches to manage projects successfully while avoiding the biggest pitfalls for any project manager. You do not need to be called a project manager to be a successful one. Carry these new skills into all your assignments to enhance your existing good performance. Prepare to take on more advanced work and demonstrate your value and progress.

Learning Objectives

    • As a result of this webinar, Administrative Professionals will be able to:
    • Articulate the crucial “business problem” you will solve
    • Throw out your “to-do” list and organize tasks easily into logical groups in a plan
    • “Manage” your project “team” of critical stakeholders 
    • Track progress and get back on track quickly when things slip
    • Demonstrate successful project completion
    • Apply lessons learned to the next project.

Why Should You Attend?

    Faced with a large new assignment and no experience of working on this type of activity or anything this large, it is easy to lose confidence. As you move forward and hit roadblocks or potential risks become reality, you may be ready to quit. Mastering the fundamentals of Project Management, usedby millions of people on millions of projects throughout the world, you will be in a strong position to prevail and prosper. Banish your doubts with proven techniques that help you get the successful results you need.

Area Covered

    • Context for Project Management
      • What are projects and where do they fit?
      • Project success factors and pitfalls
    • Project Initiation
      • Articulate project Business Problem 
      • Perform Stakeholder analysis
    • Planning and Scheduling
      • Discover Requirements 
      • Analyse scope, constraints, assumptions
      • Create Work Breakdown Structure and tactical plan
      • Manage the Critical Path
      • Schedule, assign responsibility, and track.
    • Cost Management
      • Manage your budget
    • Risk Management
      • Define risks in a Risk Impact Matrix
      • Track and manage Risk; Escalate Risk Proactively
    • Human Resource and Communication Plan
      • Manage people and communication effectively
    • Project Execution, Monitoring, and Control
      • Manage and monitor scope, schedule, cost, quality
    • Project Closure

    Apply Lessons Learned for continuous improvement.

Who will benefit?

    • Administrative Professionals
    • Executive Assistants
    • Office Managers
    • Supervisors
    • Small Business Owners
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Speaker Profile

ins_img Rebecca Staton-Reinstein

Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, Ph.D., and President of Advantage Leadership, Inc. works with leaders and their organizations to Increase your bottom-line results through strategic leadership, engaged employees, and delighted customers in all economic sectors. Draw on her proven ability to mentor you through major change, customizing successful solutions to your complex issues. For over 25 years, Rebecca has contributed value as an executive, manager, educator, and consultant, honored on four continents. She is a Ph.D. in organizational development, a National Speakers Association Legacy Professional Member, and St. Petersburg Engineering Academy Foreign Member and author of books on strategic leadership and planning.