Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, Slicer, and Dashboards

28 Jan 2022
10:00 AM PST | 01:00 PM EST
60 Minutes






    Many people struggle with how to create Pivot Tables, or maybe they don’t even know what they can do, or maybe they think they are too difficult. I’m going to show you what they are? How to use them? And that they are not difficult and can give you tremendous results. We will then make Pivot Charts, to graphically show the data. Then, we will add sorts, filters, slicers, and timelines to create a very easy-to-use, but very powerful dashboard that can give you instant results, and allow you to slice and dice your data any which way. You and your staff will be instantly more productive in Excel. These techniques will work cross-industry, with any type of data. You will find it to be clear and concise and right to the point and you will be able to apply these techniques to your own data immediately after the session.

Learning Objectives

    • Creating and managing Pivot Tables
    • Changing the calculation type
    • Adding additional calculations
    • Creating custom calculations

Why Should You Attend?

    In this webinar, you will learn how to take all of your raw data and quickly turn that data into easy to use flexible summary reports using Pivot Tables and Charts. We will start with the basics and built up to more complex pivot tables.

Area Covered

    • Multilayer reports
    • Creating daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly summaries
    • Adding a pivot chart
    • Adding slicers
    • Adding timelines

Who will benefit?

    • Banking
    • Finance
    • Manufacturing
    • Insurance
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Construction
    • Entertainment
    • Service
    • Hospitality
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Live Session for 10 Participants (For adding extra attendees please contact our Customer Support Team)

Speaker Profile

ins_img Tom Fragale

Tom Fragale is a computer professional with over 30 years of professional experience. He has trained over 30,000 business people in on-line webinars, public seminars, and on-site training. His clients include many Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, military bases, and companies large and small across many industries, including manufacturing, banking, pharmaceutical, education, retail, etc. He started his career as a database application programmer and has served as a consultant and project manager on many successful projects. His topics of expertise include: Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Crystal Reports, SQL Server, Visio, QuickBooks, and SharePoint, among others. His passion is training …