Managing & Motivating The 7 Most Challenging Employee Types

Recorded Session
90 Minutes


    A recent Georgetown University study revealed that dealing with challenging employees resulted in an increase in workplace absence, decrease in discretionary effort and a severe decline in performance. Challenging employees have a rippling effect on those around them and not usually a good one. But what can we do about it? This webinar will provide tools and strategies for neutralizing the negative impact of the seven most challenging employee types.

Learning Objectives

    Participants will be able to

    • Describe some reasons for the challenging behavior
    • Address specific situations and key challenges in an effective manner
    • Neutralize the impact of challenging behavior on your work
    • Bring out the best in others, even the most challenging co-workers

Why Should You Attend?

    Participants will walk away with proven strategies that work in specific situations when dealing with the most challenging people. How to neutralize the situation, how to reduce the impact on your performance and your work as well as how to bring out the best in others will be explored.

    The session will offer effective approaches for the following:

    • Professional experts - Those who believe they know more than anyone else on every topic
    • Negative No's - Those who quickly identify why something won't work and shoot down everyone's ideas
    • Over Agressors - Those who demand their way in all situations and bully others into compliance
    • Chronic Complainers - Those who never have anything good to say about anything and strive to bring everyone into their misery
    • Passive Withdrawn - those who never speak up, offer opinions or contribute their thoughts
    • Yessers - Those who agree to everything yet follow through on almost nothing
    • Politic Players - Those who are friendly to your face but behind your back they anything to get themselves ahead

Area Covered

    • Techniques for people reading to gain insight into their methods and motives
    • Tactics to move complainers from chronic complainers to solution seekers and problem solvers
    • Strategies to influence people to accountability and follow through
    • Methodology to neutralize political maneuvers and one-upmanship
    • Proven approaches to confronting inappropriate behavior
    • Tried and true methods for getting bullies to back down and take notice
    • Powerful feedback techniques that can change behavior

Who will benefit?

    • Supervisors
    • Managers
    • Leaders
    • Frontline employees
    • All employees who are tired of dealing with difficult co-workers
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Speaker Profile

ins_img Meloney Dosunmu

Meloney Dosunmu is a national and international speaker, trainer, consultant and recognized expert on human resources, leadership and management. She has over 25 years of experience in the profession, most recently as Global HR Director for Thermo Fisher Scientific. Meloney’s clients are scientific, healthcare, manufacturing, non-profit, association, education and government organizations from both the private and public sector. Meloney Dosunmu has published several articles and publications on topics related to business, leadership and communication. She has spoken on leadership and various related topics at local, national and international conferences, and delivered training in Europe, APAC, South America and North America. …