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This webinar will help you identify, define and detail the roles and responsibilities of the Treasury Organization within a bank.

To gain an in depth understanding of the following areas of treasury management:

  • Balance Sheet Management
  • Liquidity Management
  • Funding - Managing and initiating
  • Asset/Liability Management
  • Interest Rate Management
  • Transfer Pricing - Methodology and management
  • Investment Account & Surplus Funds Management
  • Foreign Exchange Exposure Management
  • Capital Position Management - Participation
  • Regulatory Compliance - Pertaining to Treasury responsibilities
  • Although this presentation is focused on the Treasury organization of a bank, it should be noted that many parts of the presentation have relevance to non-bank Treasury organizations

  • Understanding Balance Sheet Management
    • Review of Treasury Management considerations with respect to a bank's balance sheet
  • Detailed review of a Bank's Funding Makeup
    • Funding characteristics of a bank
    • Distinction between non wholesale and wholesale funding
    • Makeup of non wholesale funds and wholesale funds and their individual characteristics
  • Understanding of Liquidity and Liquidity Risk
    • Definition
    • Key funding ratio
    • Key liquidity management practices
    • Liquidity guidelines
    • Liquidity maturity scheduling
  • Interest Maturity Risk Management / Gap Management
    • Definitions
    • Gap management considerations
    • Interest rate management processes
    • Gap analysis
    • Interest maturity risk scheduling
    • Interest rate management NII
    • Interest rate risk stress scheduling
    • Use of derivatives
  • Transfer Pricing
    • Definition
    • Transfer pricing methodology
  • Investment Account Management
    • Management process
    • Portfolio Makeup
  • Currency Exposure Management
    • Sources
    • Currency risk management considerations and thought processes
  • Capital Management
    • Requirements
  • Regulatory Compliance
    • Treasury involvement
    • Key regulator evaluation and rating processes
  • Asset/Liability Management Committee
    • Oversight responsibilities

Management agenda

To gain an in depth understanding of the Treasury Management functioning terms of developing a complete knowledge base with respect to all aspects of the Treasury Management thought processes that address each responsibility of the function.

This webinar is targeted mainly to:

  • Treasury staff members
  • Board members of a bank
  • Executive management of a bank
  • Risk Managers of a bank
  • Compliance Managers of a bank
  • Auditors of a bank
  • University and college educators in Finance/Business/ Banking/ Risk Management
  • Regulator Staff

Robert Geary is the founder of Greenwich Risk Management Advisory Services "LLC" and services as the principal consultant on many of the firm's consultancy mandates.
Robert has been a banking and finance industry professional for 43 years with 34 years serving in a variety of senior Treasury, financial market, asset management and risk management roles at JP Morgan Chase & Co. For the last 6 years of his career with JP Morgan Chase, Robert had undertaken risk management oversight roles that have included Head of Market, Credit and Operational Risk Management for Chase Asset Management and being Managing Director of Fiduciary Risk Management for the Corporation. During Robert's career he has served on the Board of Directors of Chase Manhattan Overseas Banking Corporation as well as having served on numerous senior committees. Prior to joining Chase, he held positions at Chemical Bank, Chrysler Financial Corporation and National Bank of North America.
Robert holds a BA degree in Economics from Pace University and did graduate studies in finance at New York University Graduate School of Business. He is a Past President of the New York Athletic Club and iscurrently a member of the Executive Advisory Board of St. John's University Department of Accounting and Taxation.

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