Making the Termination Discussion Less Dreadful for Employees and Managers

21 Jan 2022
12:00 PM PST | 03:00 PM EST
90 Minutes






    This course offers guidance on handling termination discussions tactfully and empathetically, with emphasis on effectively using soft skills and emotional intelligence.

Learning Objectives

    • Key Learning Objectives include: 
    • How to handle termination discussions tactfully
    • Using emotional intelligence to handle difficult conversations
    • Maintaining rapport with employees during involuntary separations

Why Should You Attend?

    Properly preparing for termination discussions often reduces the stress of facilitating these conversations while ensuring the subject employee is shown empathy and is treated with respect regardless of the reason for the adverse action. This training will help managers develop and build a reputation for handling these situations in a way that can be appreciated and respected.

Area Covered

    • Voluntary vs involuntary terminations/separations
    • Employer and employee termination rights 
    • At will vs Just cause employment
    • Emotional Intelligence and Empathy

Who will benefit?

    This training is ideal for current and aspiring Managers and Supervisors, HR professionals of all levels, Executives, Compliance Officers, Business owners and anyone who may be responsible for termination discussions.

Webinar Option
Live + Recorded Session
Live + Transcript
Live + Training CD
Downloadable Recorded Session
Training CD
Group Session Participants + Recorded

Live Session for 10 Participants (For adding extra attendees please contact our Customer Support Team)

Speaker Profile

ins_img Antisha Walley

Air Force Veteran and HR professional turned entrepreneur, Antisha has over 10 years of experience in employee relations, change management, organizational development, conflict resolution, worker's compensation, recruitment and training, and compensation, implementing best practices to assist employers with creating inclusive workplaces, motivating personnel and achieving peak performance.