Maintaining Employee Engagement in the New Workplace

27 Jan 2022
12:00 PM PST | 03:00 PM EST
60 Minutes






    Talent drives organizational success, and decades of research have proven that an engaged workforce is the foundation for business success. An engaged workforce drives: 

    • Financial performance
    • Employee productivity 
    • Innovation
    • Strategic goal achievement
    • Customer service
    • Recruitment and retention of talent

    The working environment created by the coronavirus has permanently changed the workplace. In particular,  employees across the nation are reevaluating their job and career goals. One result is the “great resignation” which has changed the workplace landscape and created intense competition to attract and retain talent. How do we meet this unprecedented management challenge? What lessons have we learned from the COVID-19 workplace, including the crucial challenge of how to maintain employee engagement?

Learning Objectives

    • Attendees will learn and understand:
    • What employee engagement is and why it matters
    • What research reveals about our new world of work
    • Why measuring engagement is critically important – and how to measure it
    • The factors that drive employee engagement
    • Strategies to maintain employee engagement in the new workplace

Why Should You Attend?

    COVID-19 has dramatically and permanently changed the world of work, intensifying the competition to attract and retain talent. Organizations that do not adapt to this new work environment will not be competitive for talent. Their employees will vote with their feet, taking their knowledge, skills and abilities to organizations that have created a culture of employee engagement.
    To meet this unprecedented challenge, leaders need to focus on building employee engagement. High-engagement organizations outperform low-engagement organizations, and that’s why we need to understand how to build and maintain high-engagement workforces, including in the new workplace.

Area Covered

    • What employee engagement is – and why it matters
    • Our new world of work
    • Why it is critical to measure engagement – and how to measure it
    • The key drivers of engagement
    • Strategies to build engagement
    • Creating a culture of engagement 

Who will benefit?

    • C-suite executives
    • Human resources directors and professionals, including trainers
    • Managers and supervisors (e.g., anyone who manages people)
    • College and university leaders 
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Live Session for 10 Participants (For adding extra attendees please contact our Customer Support Team)

Speaker Profile

ins_img Bob Lavigna

Bob Lavigna is an award-winning leader and innovator with more than 35 years of leadership experience. His background includes serving as Assistant Vice Chancellor and Director of Human Resources for the University of Wisconsin. His work there included designing and implementing a new campus-wide HR system; and leading the development, implementation and action planning for three university-wide employee engagement surveys.  The organizations Bob has led have received innovation awards from the Ford Foundation, the Society for Human Resource Management, the Urban League and others. He has also consulted with organizations across the U.S. Bob has written a book on employee …