Better Safe Than Sorry: Legal and Effective Behavioral Interviewing

Recorded Session
60 Minutes


    Have you ever been completely blind-sighted by a job candidate? In the interview he seemed perfect; once hired, he was a disaster. In this program, Deborah addresses both the art & science of effective behavioral interviewing. You'll learn how to prepare for an interview & ask behavior-based questions that enable you to determine the candidate's abilities based on their past performance. You'll learn how to resist the flashy job candidate who looks and sounds good in the interview, but turns out to deliver much less on the job. You'll learn how to avoid the mistake of dismissing quiet candidates just because they don't may a great first impression. You'll learn how to work individually or with a panel of raters to come up with an objective measurement tool that uses past behavior as the best predictor of future workplace performance.

Learning Objectives

    • Hiring the right candidate using behavioral interviewing
    • Differentiating between standard interviewing and behavioral interviewing
    • Pros for using behavioral interviewing techniques
    • Defining selection criteria
    • Writing Behavioral Interviewing questions based on selection criteria
    • Facilitating a Behavioral interview
    • Taking effective interview notes

Why Should You Attend?

    To prepare, conduct, and evaluate behavioral interviews when hiring or promoting employees; to eliminate subjective hiring decisions and increase effectiveness and validity in the selection process while following legal guidelines.

Area Covered

    • Differentiate behavioral interviewing from standard interviewing
    • Utilize a variety of interviewing formats
    • Define selection criteria
    • Write behavioral questions based on selection criteria
    • Facilitate a behavioral interview
    • Ask behavior-based questions
    • Take effective interview notes

Who will benefit?

    All industries will benefit from this workshop. Specific titles include:

    • Managers
    • Supervisors
    • Leaders
    • Human Resource Professionals
    • Shift Leaders
    • Sales & Marketing Professionals
    • Customer Service Professionals
    • Executives
    • Development Directors
    • Board Members
    • Office Managers
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Speaker Profile

ins_img Deborah Covin Wilson

Deborah Covin Wilson, CPLP SHRM-SCP, SPHR, is the keynote speaker at ComplianceKey. She is the recently retired director of organizational development and consulting services, a unit in human resources administration at Georgia State University. With more than 25 years in higher education, she was responsible for training, employee engagement programs, strategic planning, HR communications, and organization development services. Deborah was involved in several University System of Georgia Board of Regents initiatives: She served as chair of the Tuition Assistance Program committee, a member of the Executive Leadership Institute Advisory Committee, and a steering committee member of the Accelerated Leadership Academy.Deborah …