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This HR documentation webinar will provide an overview of federal recordkeeping and retention laws for employment-related records and what you need to do to ensure compliance. We'll discuss documentation policies, accessibility controls, considerations for electronic records and more in this webinar training.

  • What are the recordkeeping and retention requirements? What needs to be kept and for how long?
  • Understanding how to document and retain employment related discipline and dispute documentation
  • Where should documents be stored and who should have access?
  • Should you have segregated records. What records and why
  • Record retention systems that work best for compliance with changing requirements
  • Key elements of a record keeping and retention policy
  • Understanding of the new reporting requirements and compliance schedule
  • What to do with records without a specific retention guideline.

  • Overview of federal recordkeeping and retention for which most HR professionals have responsibility
  • HR’s role in record keeping and retention compliance
  • Review of state recordkeeping and retention laws that employers need to know
  • Creating a recordkeeping and retention policy
  • Controlling accessibility of company records
  • Hard copy vs. Electronic records. What is the system of record?

There is often confusion among employers concerning the legal requirements for recordkeeping and retention of employee files and other employment-related records. Not only are there federal recordkeeping requirements, but individual states also have requirements that must be followed. Some requirements apply to most or all employers, while others apply primarily to government contractors and subcontractors. Many of these requirements are dependent on the particular law which applies to the type of record and the number of employees. We’ll cover the basics of federal and state recordkeeping and retention laws you need to know about to stay in compliance!

Additionally, we’ll discuss best practices for retaining employment-related discipline and dispute documentation as it relates to terminated employees and disputes not yet been reconciled.

  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Potential Managers
  • Department Heads
  • HR Professionals
  • Employee Benefits Professionals
  • Payroll
  • Business Owners

Kristin Corredor, MBA, SPHR, is president of Cadence Human Resource Management, LLC an HR consultancy group working with companies of all sizes and industries to strengthen their human resources function. Cadence is an integrated partner with the company’s leadership, focused on delivering measurable results with highly creative, non-conventional tools and ideas to get to the next level focusing on HR compliance and HR processes and procedures.

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