New Guidelines from the EEOC in Handling Harassment Claims

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90 Minutes


    According to the EEOC, harassment continues to be a huge problem in the workplace.  In an effort to clear up confusion as to when employers should be held liable for workplace harassment, the EEOC recently issued new guidance.  The guidance addresses so much more than the run of the mill sexual harassment claims – it includes racial harassment, sexual orientation harassment, and so much more!  For the first time, the EEOC also gives us an indepth discussion of what it is looking for in your harassment policies and your harassment training programs. 

Learning Objectives

    • Understanding the EEOC’s approach regarding employer liability for quid pro quo harassment and hostile working environments – who does the EEOC consider as a supervisor?
    • Defining quid pro quo harassment
    • Defining hostile working environment
    • Employer obligations when the alleged harasser is a customer

Why Should You Attend?

    How an employer handles an harassment claim can make all the difference in avoiding a lawsuit.  It also makes all the difference in whether your company will be held liable for someone’s harassment of your employee.  Employees are becoming more aware of their rights and are not shy about using the term “harassment.”  The EEOC will also be looking at your investigation to determine whether you took that claim seriously and how  you responded.  This session will guide you through what the EEOC will be expecting in analyzing your investigation. 

Area Covered

    • Defining when an employee has engaged in protected activity
    • New EEOC approach to retaliation claims
    • Tips in conducting a proper investigation
    • What the EEOC wants to see in your policies and harassment training
    • Proper documentation of an harassment investigation

Who will benefit?

    • Human Resource professionals
    • Risks managers
    • Human resource generalists
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Speaker Profile

ins_img Harold Levy

U. Harold Levy is a national and international speaker, trainer, consultant and recognized expert on civil right issues, human resources, leadership and management. Mr. Levy has over 25 years of experience in the profession, most recently as the Eastern Regional Business Enterprise Analyst for the Department of General Services, Bureau of Minority and Women Business Opportunities. Some of Harold's clients have included major pharmaceutical corporations, Police Departments, colleges and universities, and state and county government agencies.U. Harold Levy has published several articles on topics relating to Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action, Equity Issues, Student Recruitment and Retention, …