FMLA and ADA: Managing Leaves Doesn't Need to be (that) Complicated - Updated with COVID-19 Topics

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    Managing leaves of absence under the major federal mandates can be confusing. Some employers with good intentions will administer both leaves by using the same forms, overlap the requirements, and consolidate the processes. Added to these already-complicated leave programs, the pandemic response created other benefits under the FFCRA.

    However, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) need to be administered using their own separate guidelines. When taken one by one, it’s clear that they are completely different in their own details and requirements and, as a result, must be managed carefully. If you’re new to the field of leave management – whether you’re in Human Resources or not – or if your company is growing to the 50-employee mark, it’s wise to educate yourself about the FMLA and ADA and familiarize yourself with the details.We will also ensure that you receive a good working knowledge of both the Emergency Paid Sick Act and the Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act.

Learning Objectives

    • Define the coverage, details and requirements to employers and employees under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
    • FFCRA: 2 parts
    • Describe the coverage, details, and obligations to employers under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
    • HIPAA and medical privacy: Information you can and should not ask for
    • COVID-19: Reasonable accommodation and other details under the EEOC
    • Undue hardship: considerations
    • Summarize the situations under which both FMLA and ADA could apply
    • Practical tips for managing FMLA and ADA

Why Should You Attend?

    By preparing yourself ahead of time, you’ll know the requirements of both the FMLA and ADA beforehand as opposed to implementing a plan and delivering on a process as a specific situation comes up. By attending this training session, you’ll have the information you need to build a process for your organization as well as build your own confidence in this area. As if these two leave programs were not challenging enough, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) has added two types of leaves that employers must understand and provide to employees. We have added valuable content into our training so that you’ll ensure a firm understanding of these new laws as well. This course is especially helpful to the non-HR leader who manages employees and encounters requests for leaves of absence, accommodation, and time off for health reasons.

Who will benefit?

    • HR professionals, all levels
    • Leaders, Managers, and Supervisors
    • Small- and medium-size business owners
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ins_img Melveen Stevenson

Melveen Stevenson is the CEO and founder of M.S.Elemental, LLC, a human resources and business advisory firm based in Los Angeles, California. As a certified HR professional with a background in accounting and finance, she helps companies to navigate the human resources “jungle” of compliance, human capital, and leadership challenges. By using an encompassing business approach, she helps to strengthen the infrastructure of organizations from the inside out, specifically through leadership development, operations, training, employee engagement, and career coaching.Over the last 17 years, Melveen has held leadership positions in human resources operations, supply chain, and talent management at international companies …