FLSA Overtime Rule Injunction vs. Future

Recorded Session
60 Minutes


    The webinar will overview the injunction on the FLSA overtime rule. It will offer attendees an understanding of the effect it can have on their organization and discuss the implications of the change.

Learning Objectives

    • Exempt vs. non-exempt employees
    • Definition of exemption status
    • Areas where the change is effected
    • Future changes to the rate
    • Potential state changes to the overtime rule

Why Should You Attend?

    The webcast will:

    • Overview the injunction on the FLSA overtime rule
    • Offer an understanding of the effect it can have on your organization
    • Discuss the implications of the change
    • Detail potential future changes to the overtime rule
    • Discuss the injunction process

Area Covered

    • FLSA overtime rule defined
    • Changes that were going to be introduced on 12/1/2016
    • Injunction process
    • Future of the potential overtime changes
    • Injunction ruling timeline
    • Definition of exemption categories
    • Understanding current exempt rate
    • Comparing state rates to the current federal guidelines
    • Organizations affected by the change
    • Minimum wage increases

Who will benefit?

    • Human Resources Professionals
    • Small Business Owners
    • Non-Profit Administrators
    • General Managers
    • Office Managers
    • Payroll Professionals
    • Lawmakers
    • Attorneys
    • Accounting Professionals
    • In-house Counsel
    • Employment Law Personnel
    • Legal Counsel
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Downloadable Recorded Session
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Speaker Profile

ins_img Matthew Burr

Matthew Burr has over ten years of experience working in the human resources field, starting his career as an Industrial Relations Intern at Kennedy Valve Manufacturing to most recently founding and managing a human resource consulting company; Burr Consulting, LLC. He specializes in labor and employment law, conflict resolution, performance management, employee relations and work with labor unions. Matthew also has a generalist background in HR and provides strategic HR services to his clients, focusing on small and medium sized organizations. Matthew will be starting as an Associate Professor of Management at Elmira College in July 2017. Matthew is the …