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Same Day ACH (SDA) was implemented in three phases, beginning Sept of 2016 and ending in March 2018.  With this new option in the ACH Network it gave the Originator and ODFI an opportunity to send and settle payments on the same day for a small fee.  With SDA fully implemented and due to a recently approved amendment to the Rules, SDA is expanding with a third window for processing SDA transactions and the dollar limit is increasing for a single SDA transaction.This change impacts Originators, ODFI’s and RDFI’s – this session will outline the benefits and impacts that these changes bring to ACH processing.

Details on the recently approved changes to SDAThe benefits for the Originator and ODFI with the addition of the third processing window for SDAThe impact to the RDFI when receiving SDA transactions when the third window for SDA is addedFunds availability (for credits) improving with a recent change to the NACHA Operating Rules 

Outline the timing with adding the third processing window for SDA EntriesIdentify the impacts to the participants with this new amendment on expanding SDAList the possibilities that become available with the increase in dollar limit for a single SDA EntryDefine the process involved with adding an additional processing window for SDA when it comes to procedures and Rules complianceProvide timing for the RDFI to follow with the “faster” funds availability for both SDA and non-SDA Entries with this newly adopted Rules changeDescribe the potential impact to exception processing with the changes to Same Day ACH 

Recently approved amendments to the NACHA Operating Rules are expanding Same Day ACH by adding an additional window in which Same Day ACH (SDA) Entries can be transmitted, so what does this mean for the ACH network and the participants?  How will this change the processes for the RDFI that is required to make SDA credit Entries available for withdrawal by 5:00 on local RDFI time?  This session will outline the upcoming changes and identify the impacts for the Originator, the ODFI and the RDFI.Another change taking place with the Rules is to increase the dollar limit on a single SDA Entry from $25,000 to $100,000; this will affect the network by adding more Entries (most likely B2B payments) into the network. Discussion during this session will include the impacts to the business and electronic payments going forward and how participants can take advantage of this change and benefit from making this a service available to their business customers.In addition, details on how the change to the funds availability for both SDA and non-SDA entries will affect the RDFI when processing ACH transactions and remaining in compliance with the changes to the NACHA Operating Rules in the near future. 

ACH Operations staffThird-Party Payment ProcessorsThird-Party SendersACH ManagersElectronic Payments ProfessionalsAAP’s – keeping up with changes in ACH Rules and wanting to earn AAP Continuing Education CreditsAnyone who wishes to enhance their knowledge of the new rulesCompany / Business Owners (Originators)Banking Managers/ SupervisorsThird-Party Service ProvidersAudit and Compliance Personnel / Risk Managers

Donna K Olheiser, AAP, is the vice president of Education Services and founder of Dynamic Mastership, LLC. Donna is an enthusiastic and energetic Certified Master Trainer with over 14 years’ training experience. She has designed and facilitated over 100 training sessions each year with her expertise being the rules for companies and financial institutions when processing specifically ACH electronic payments, then scheduling the training events to facilitate/deliver the material through a variety of venues (webinars, teleseminars, in-person workshops, including regional and national conferences). Donna has over 24 years of experience in the financial services industry which includes 9 years’ experience as the education service director at a Regional Payments Association (RPA), where she managed and facilitated the entire education program for nearly 800 financial institution members. Prior to that, Ms. Olheiser spent 14 years in various departments with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and also holds the Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) designation (achieved in 2004).

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