Essentials of IT Auditing for the Non-IT Auditor

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60 Minutes


    Information Technology (IT) is a critical enabler of business. Assuring an enterprise’s governance, including risk management and control processes, requires auditors to understand the role of IT within their organizations and to develop adequate knowledge and skills to audit information technology (IT) systems as the line separating “IT,” and “non-IT” audits are beginning to disappear, except in the very technical IT domains.

    This course is designed to give non-IT auditors and beginning Information security professionals an overview of the various considerations and aides in audit planning to gain a greater understanding of how to evaluate defined audit areas.

Learning Objectives

    • Understand audit mandates, mission, objectives, and approaches to examining systems and IT infrastructure
    • Understand the risks and audit concerns in the IT environment
    • Identify globally recognized control frameworks for an audit of IT
    • Acquire baseline conceptual knowledge of general IT controls and application IT controls
    • Examine the role of IT governance and the connection to IT auditing
    • Describe risk through effective IT audit risk profiling and management
    • Learn the basics of how to perform an IT audit
    • When to apply some basic IT audit tools and techniques

Why Should You Attend?

    This webinar will assist those without technology experience in their pursuit of designing and executing audits which assess information security components. It is specially designed to meet the basic IT audit training needs of financial and operational auditors who assess IT risks, governance, management, and controls during their audits. The objective of this training is to provide the basic knowledge for non-IT auditors to allow them to perform a basic IT audit during a financial or an operational audit.

    This course will also benefit the IT-auditors by enhancing their general and application controls understanding. During this webinar, you will acquire baseline knowledge for IT general and application control concepts and skills and their importance and relationship in your business processes. You will also learn the fundamentals of issues concerning IT controls, and the scope of addressable IT risks in today’s business environment.

Area Covered

    • Information system (IS) audit concepts, risks, and concerns in the IT environment
    • Globally recognized control frameworks for the audit of IT.
    • Basics of how to perform an IT audit
    • Auditing IT Governance
    • Auditing IS acquisitions, developments, and implementations
    • Auditing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
    • Available IT/IS Audit tools

Who will benefit?

    Business Services

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Speaker Profile

ins_img Dr. Robert E. Davis

Dr. Robert E. Davis obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Business Law, a Master of Business Administration in Management Information Systems, and a Doctor of Business Administration in Information Systems Management from Temple, West Chester, and Walden University; respectively. Moreover, during his twenty years of involvement in education, Dr. Davis acquired Postgraduate and Professional Technical licenses in Computer Science and Computer Systems Technology. Dr. Davis also obtained the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certificate — after passing the 1988 Information Systems Audit and Control Association’s rigorous three hundred and fifty multiple-choice questions examination; and was conferred the …