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Early wage access is a 21st century phenomenon.  Allowing employees to receive a portion of their earned wages in advance, as opposed to receiving the entire amount on a designated payday, is changing payroll practice all over the country.  What is payroll’s role in defining and creating best practice in this new area?  What are the challenges of meeting a demand that mirrors our “instant gratification” society?  Order an item online?  Have it delivered by tomorrow.  Order food from a local restaurant?  It will be delivered within an hour.  Want to be paid?  That should be available on demand too, right?  We’ll look at current practice as well as questions for the future of Early Wage Access/ Earned Wage Access and its usefulness in a time when wages and work are not as predictable as is the norm. The webinar will help attendees determine if the process is appropriate for their company and examine ways to determine their best path towards deployment.

  • What does EWA mean?
  • Is it feasible for you, or is it necessary?
  • Why has EWA become so important?  Has the pandemic made a difference in the interest in the service?
  • How is it best deployed?
  • What is the latest legal opinion on offering it?
  • Should I use a vendor, or is that problematic?
  • What types of parameters should my firm use to develop a policy on EWA?

  • Assessing the need for EWA-is it a fit for my company?
  • How will it help or hurt my employer to offer EWA?
  • Available methods of providing EWA
  • Questions to be asked prior to deployment of an EWA program
  • Looking at voluntary deductions-how are they handled?
  • Legislative actions – Federal and State updates
  • What is constructive receipt and how does it affect EWA?

Early Wage Access/Earned Wage Access is becoming a progressively more important issue for many employers.  Employees request that a portion of their pay be paid to them as soon as it is earned, as opposed to receiving 100% of their pay due on payday.  During this time of pandemic business closings and modifications, employees may exhibit more anxiety about lowered or adjusted wages.  Economic strain may force employees towards an EWA solution.  Employers who are attuned to this trend should be ready to pivot towards making this adjustment.  Attending this webinar will give the attendees information about the types of EWA, which is most advantageous for their company and raise some of the questions that will need to be legislated or otherwise answered to process the administration of EWA.  Regardless of the size of your company, you’ll be able to learn something about this new trend by taking this webinar!

  • Payroll teams
  • payment services teams
  • shared service teams
  • HR and Benefits teams

Merle Capello is an experienced Payroll Professional who can manage, train and elevate team members, enhancing their skills so that they can be leveraged to benefit clients. Merle is a professional who works to improve processes, by additional knowledge and conforming to rules of compliance. She is also an experienced procedure and policy developer who works to leave a better team behind than the one she finds. Merle is a subject matter expert on compliance, payroll taxes, work rules and payroll best practices. Merle, offers consulting services for those who need a professional's advice and counsel. In her more than 25 years of experience spearheading the development, enhancement, and transfer of payroll and HRIS operations, Merle has learned to provide team members with the guidance and motivation to exceed objectives. Merle enjoys the challenge of implementation and organizational change, using her analytical skills and her knowledge base to make the most prudent decisions for the team and for her clients. Merle easily adapted to either running a department or advising a client on how best to run their department. She can write step-by-step directions for processes, if needed, or coach a team member to do so. Merle is also a longtime member of her professional organization, the American Payroll Association. She held Advanced Payroll Certification for over 25 years.
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