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Much of the information written on this topic is overly positive toward the concept of leadership and negative toward management and may convey the notion that they are separate entities. This webinar will ensure that listeners know exactly what both are, why both are important and how they are used together to ensure success.

  • Definition of leadership
  • Definition of management
  • Key differences
  • Why both are important
  • Situations require one or the other or both
  • Tips on building your skills for each

This is excellent for any manager who may have questions about the difference between the two. It is excellent for new managers or newly appointed supervisors who are juggling the needs of addressing people issues (leadership) and day to day demands of the business (management). 
It is also useful for those who may mistakenly believe that being good at one is or will take care of the other. It also will help managers understand which situations may require leadership and which may require management and when and why both are necessary skills.

  • First time Managers or Supervisors
  • Line Supervisors
  • District Sales Managers
  • Regional Sales Managers
  • Training Managers
  • HR Supervisors

Michael Cox is the founder and President of Nittany Business Coaching and Training. He has provided hundreds of highly acclaimed seminars and webinars on a variety of topics over the last ten years. He brings his seminars to life with examples from his 29-year career as a high-performing leader and manager in the corporate world where he was noted for his ability to develop high-performing leaders and teams that consistently exceeded all measurements while having fun.

 His webinars have been described as informative and highly impactful. He strives to insure that attendees leave with a clear plan that can be implemented immediately to drive results and performance.  

Mike has an MBA in Marketing from St. Joseph’s University. He has worked with various levels of management and staff to provide training and coaching that makes a difference.

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