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Create dynamic presentations with PowerPoint by combining automated features of Word and Excel. Incorporating Word's integration of Excel data, linking Excel to PowerPoint, using Word for automatic PowerPoint speaker notes, online PowerPoint presentations and Word conversion to PowerPoint. This webinar includes a broad scope of techniques that will make reporting and presenting from all three MS Office applications easier and more effective.

  • Learn the details of copy and paste functionality
  • Determine when and how to link and embed data from one program into another
  • Master Excel data integration into Word
  • Use Word to create a new PowerPoint presentation automatically with the send to PowerPoint command
  • Use Word for automatic PowerPoint speaker notes / handouts
  • Create an online PowerPoint presentation using Word
  • Link Excel data and charts with PowerPoint for automatic updating

  • Smart reports /dynamic presentations with integrated data
  • Linking and embedding techniques for auto updates
  • Inserting an Excel object in Word
  • Creating and managing an Excel spreadsheet within Word
  • Word to PowerPoint Integration and PowerPoint to Word
  • Tips, tricks and time-saving techniques

Microsoft Office is known for integration capabilities. We typically work with Excel, Word and PowerPoint individually, and we may insert data from Excel into a Word report or a PowerPoint presentation. Each program has features specific to sharing data automatically among programs. This webinar will give attendees important time-saving techniques in creating truly smart presentations; determine when and how to use each type of integration effectively.

  • Administrative assistants
  • Managers
  • Directors
  • Sales associates
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Marketing personnel
  • Medical personnel
  • Legal professionals
  • Anyone using MS Office in a business or educational setting to create reports and presentations

Cathy Horwitz believes that when you know the capabilities of the software you use, you will
demonstrate improved productivity, will be more efficient and will be able to problem solve
more easily.
Cathy teaches classes on the Microsoft suite of application software including Excel,
PowerPoint, Word, Access and Outlook. Cathy has over 30 years of experience in classroom
and virtual training and has been an instructor of Microsoft Office since its inception.
Her strengths include customizing classes based on the needs of individual students and
providing realistic business examples to compliment training.  She is a high energy trainer with
a flair for training the adult student.
She holds the Modern Classroom Certified Trainer certification from Logical Operations which
prepares instructors for all aspects of delivering a course using the latest training technologies
and approaches.
When not teaching, Cathy enjoys gardening, shopping estate sales and refinishing mid-century

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