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Analyzing data is a powerful skill that helps make better decisions. Microsoft Excel is one of the top tools for data analysis and PivotTables is arguably the most popular analytic tool. The power of Excel PivotTables and their ability to summarize data in flexible ways enables quick exploration of data and produces valuable insights from the accumulated data. PivotTables are used in many different industries by millions of users who share the goal of reporting the performance of companies and organizations.

  • Why PivotTables are the hidden gems of Excel
  • How to analyze large data sets from different business perspectives
  • Create a PivotTable to summarize data
  • Make understanding the data easier for others
  • Use PivotTables to answer questions about the data
  • Analyze patterns in the data
  • Customize the summary by grouping data
  • Format PivotTables for easy viewing

  • Create PivotTables and modify their structure
  • Filter and sort the data in a PivotTable
  • Change the PivotTable calculations
  • Show pivoted data in terms of percentages
  • Refresh the PivotTable based on changes in the original database
  • Group date fields to view the data over different periods
  • Format a PivotTable
  • Drill down to the source of data from a PivotTable
  • Use Slicers to make filtering a PivotTable simple

PivotTables can help you sort and sift through large data sets to focus quickly on just the data elements that matter most to your specific needs. In just one fast-paced and informative training session, you’ll learn how to use PivotTables to sort your data more efficiently, create multiple customized reports in a few easy steps, and gain a powerful new tool to help you make better business decisions. In addition, you’ll get tips on the easiest way to group your data. Most importantly, when you use the power of PivotTables, you’ll be saving time and making your job easier.

  • Business Owners
  • CEOs / CFOs / CTOs
  • Managers
  • Accountants
  • CPAs
  • Financial Consultants
  • IT Professionals
  • Auditors
  • Human Resource Personnel
  • Bookkeepers
  • Marketers
  • Anybody with large amounts of Data
  • Anybody who uses Microsoft Access/Excel regularly, and wants to be more efficient and
  • productive

Cathy Horwitz believes that when you know the capabilities of the software you use, you will
demonstrate improved productivity, will be more efficient and will be able to problem solve
more easily.
Cathy teaches classes on the Microsoft suite of application software including Excel,
PowerPoint, Word, Access and Outlook. Cathy has over 30 years of experience in classroom
and virtual training and has been an instructor of Microsoft Office since its inception.
Her strengths include customizing classes based on the needs of individual students and
providing realistic business examples to compliment training.  She is a high energy trainer with
a flair for training the adult student.
She holds the Modern Classroom Certified Trainer certification from Logical Operations which
prepares instructors for all aspects of delivering a course using the latest training technologies
and approaches.
When not teaching, Cathy enjoys gardening, shopping estate sales and refinishing mid-century

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