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How well do you manage your time? Time Management is an important aspect of any role in leadership or life. Not using your time wisely can rob you of being productive in your day-to-day duties and responsibilities. Identifying “time robbers” and prioritizing your job tasks are important aspects you should learn to be more efficient. Also, knowing the four functions of management is important in being an effective leader. Take this course and learn more about being the best leader you can be and how to utilize your time most effectively.

  • Identify and eliminate “time robbers” that prevent you from working more efficiently. 
  • Prioritize your job tasks. 
  • Use daily “to-do” lists and weekly planners.
  • Learn what are the Four Functions of Management. Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling. 
  • Learn the differences between the Four Functions of Management.

  • How well do you manage your time?
  • Time Management
  • How to create daily “To Do” lists?
  • 6 Steps to Delegation
  • Interruptions
  • Procrastination 
  • Handling Stress 
  • Four Functions of Management

  • How well do you manage your time?
  • Learn how to prioritize job tasks
  • Learning the Four Functions of Management
  • How to handle stress
  • Learn how to delegate and deal with procrastination

 Any new or first-time Manager or Supervisor that oversees or interacts with people daily. New or those thinking about
getting into HR or those in operational leadership.

Charlomae Wathington, is a Director of Human Resources for a Hospitality Company overseeing 4 properties. She has over 20 years of experience in HR,  in various different roles. For example, Benefits, Training, Recruiting, and Employee Relations. Charlomae has a Master’s degree in HR Management. She has SHRM-SCP certification. She has a Graduate degree in Business and in Hospitality Management. Charlomae has worked in various industries ranging from construction, distribution, retail, and hospitality. She has supported organizations in various states-Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida.

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