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Leadership is pivotal in cultivating teams that excel. In a world where employee disengagement and attrition rates are soaring to unprecedented heights, organizations are tirelessly striving to outshine competitors through enhanced compensation packages, wellness initiatives, and promising career paths. However, amidst these efforts, managers often find themselves grappling with a sense of powerlessness, yearning for actionable strategies.

Enter "Stake Your Leadership T.E.N.T." – a groundbreaking exploration that underscores the paramount importance of commencing with your "Why" in order to construct a vision that captivates and motivates. This enlightening journey delves deep into the current landscape of employee engagement, shedding light on the concerning state of affairs.

But fear not, within this presentation is the proven antidote to employee discontentment and the ever-rising tide of turnover. "Stake Your T.E.N.T." reveals the strategies that leaders can employ to not only reverse this trend but to flourish.

After this session, you will be able to do the following:

  • Estimate the financial impact of employee engagement and voluntary turnover
  • Analyze the current state of employee engagement within your organization with a S.W.O.T. analysis
  • Evaluate the impact of your leadership on team performance and engagement
  • Immediately apply proven strategies for improving employee engagement in your teams
  • Develop a clear and motivating “Why” statement for your leadership role 
  • Create an environment where employees feel cared for and genuinely enriching connection
  • Empower team members with responsibilities appropriate for employee development

  • The impact of voluntary turnover and employee engagement on an Organization financially
  • Comparison of Managing and Leading, and how Leading will make the difference in employee engagement
  • The concept of servant leadership in the T.E.N.T. framework (Trustbuilding, Empowering, Navigating, and Thriving-Together)
  • Leadership activities and behaviors that will build or undermine trust
  • Empowering employees through clarity, rounding, and delegation
  • Growing employees professionally by helping them navigate their careers through goal-setting, feedback, coaching, and performance management
  • Thriving - Together - the importance of recognizing employees regularly and the damage if you don’t; techniques for recognizing employees
  • Q & A session for participants to make concrete connections, action plans, and commitments to staking their leadership T.E.N.T. 

“Stake Your Leadership T.E.N.T.” will help you unlock your team’s potential, re-engage your employees, and reduce turnover so you can gain a competitive edge in your market and have peace of mind.

People leaders in organizations that have experienced average or above average voluntary turnover in industries like healthcare, health insurance, telemedicine, and professional services  (physician offices, law offices, commercial property management companies, corporate offices, etc.)

Jerry Dugan is the CEO and Senior Leadership Consultant of BtR Impact, LLC, helping leaders boost employee engagement and retention to achieve high levels of performance and ultimately create work-life harmony for a life worth living in their faith, family, and career.

His servant leadership framework, T.E.N.T., draws from his leadership experiences in the U.S. Army during Operation Iraqi Freedom as well as corporate healthcare. 

He has developed leaders of all levels to build teams founded on trust, collaboration, and transparency to drive results for key business objectives.

Past Work Experiences

Director for Organizational Development, Methodist Health System

Manager for Learning Program Execution, Talent Management, CHRISTUS Health

Sergeant, U.S. Army

Education and Certifications

Master of Science, Educational Technology, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Bachelor of Science, Chemistry-Biology, University of the Pacific

Primary Leadership Development Course, U.S. Army

Certified Facilitator: DiSC, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Fierce Conversations, Crucial Conversations

Coaching Certificate from the Association for Talent Development.

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