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How can you increase your team’s engagement, even in uncertain times? How can you quickly build relationships, influence people and decisions, and get the impact you deserve? By leveraging the three communicative superpowers you will increase your influence – and even your charisma. During this webinar, you will get tools and insights that will elevate your communication skills and make people follow you as a leader.

  • Getting communication insights that will help you lead, serve, and collaborate better 
  • Tips on your non-verbal communication
  • Tips on your verbal communication
  • Understanding the three levels of listening
  • Understanding the three systems in the brain that affect your communication and motivation
  • Getting facts on productivity, creativity, and profitability gains when you have the right engagement 
  • Tools to increase your influence and charisma

  • How communication, engagement, and performance are connected
  • The hidden reasons behind engagement and the culture you have
  • The brain traffic light and how you can turn it green
  • The three communicative superpowers
  • The consequence of high – or low – engagement
  • Why you should strive for sustainable growth

If you want to succeed when you lead people, serve clients, and collaborate with peers, this is a well-worth investment.

Any person who leads people serves clients, or collaborates with colleagues and who is fed up not getting the impact that they want. Most examples will come from office environments or the service industry

Many organizations have realized the importance of true employee engagement, and that communication and motivation are the keys that unlock high performance. Our guest today is here to share insights on this with us. He is a global speaker and an international expert in Workplace Communication, where he has inspired and helped organizations such as Volvo, Ericsson, and Mitsubishi.

He has written and co-written 14 books on communication and motivation, hundreds of columns, and is often interviewed on Swedish national TV. We are delighted to have him here today to give us his thoughts and insights. Give a warm virtual hand to Antoni Lacinai's Headshot (clear and latest picture) to be added here.

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