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Invest in Tax Lien Certificates and earn 24-36% return on your money. The best-kept secret in the real estate market. Make money in real estate regardless of your credit score and without having to secure a loan to buy real estate. Make money in real estate with a Tax Lien Certificate and never own one piece of property.

  • Secure a steady income of an additional $3,000 to $10,000 a month
  • Build your own fortune starting with any dollar amount
  • Acquire real estate for only 25% of the value of the property
  • Buy a Tax Lien and make money every single day
  • Earn 24-36% return on your money
  • Win out over institutional investors
  • Create short and long-term income and investments
  • Purchase Tax Liens online and get paid all from the comfort of your Home

  • Explanation of What a Tax Lien is 
  • The Parties Involved in Tax Lien Investing
  • Proper Steps to Take to Invest in Tax Liens
  • The Definition of a Redemption Period
  • The Law of First Right of Refusal
  • The Tricks of the Trade
  • The Wonderful World of Compound Interest
  • How to Get Started Today

Whether or not you want a little extra income on the side or want to create a new career in real estate investing you should attend this webinar. It’s safe, it’s secure, and it provides enormous returns. Tax Lien Certificate Investing is mandated by the state, backed by the Federal Government, and collateralized by real estate.  Attend this webinar if you want to create wealth with no risk.

The right target audience will be investors, anyone interested in real estate, entrepreneurs, anyone who wants to grow wealth, anyone who wants immediate income, anyone who wants long term wealth, anyone who is looking for a safe and secure investment strategy

Dan Eckelman is from Columbus, Ohio, he is an International Speaker and a  Real Estate Investor. (That is all I want to say in the intro. I cover my history and background in the presentation.

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