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After the last few years of tremendous change, we have emerged into a world where employees have the upper hand. They are demanding respect from their employers, more pay, flexible hours, and a culture that blends all generations and embraces diversity and inclusion.  If their expectations aren’t met, they will leave. If they sense any toxicity in your work environment, they will leave.  In fact, there has been an unprecedented tidal wave of resignations and studies show it is not over yet.

Enhancing and clarifying your workplace culture is essential for organizations that want to attract, engage and retain the best talent!  There are significant benefits that come from a vibrant and impactful culture. They are:

  • Alignment: Get the entire company on the same page, focused, and eager to achieve your compelling vision, mission, and goals WITH you!
  • Engagement - Bring all generations together to communicate and set priorities as a team.
  • Inclusion: Everyone learns to collaborate and turn challenges into learning opportunities.
  • Build Trust - Everyone is valued and respected and they enjoy learning from each other.
  • Teamwork: They see that their point of view is heard and they each are making a difference. 

We have been transforming hundreds of workplaces for over 3 decades and with that experience we know there is a great advantage to have an outside perspective to guide the way. Our cultural agility solutions will equip your Leaders. Managers, Supervisors, and Team Leads with a clear path, empower your people and can create a competitive advantage for hiring talent going forward. We help identify, define, and achieve core values and behaviors that deliver extraordinary results.  
Tap into our proven framework and build a dynamic culture for high-speed collaboration, innovation, and performance.

In this workshop, you will evaluate the stability of your culture, unpack solutions to engage a hybrid workforce, and leave with 5 practical tools that you can implement in the next 7 days to get on track.  (Not theory – actionable) Some of the topics are:

  • Identify the 7 signs of toxic work culture so you can retain your best staff starting NOW!  (What it would cost if you ignore it?)
  • How to drain the “negativity swamp” without you becoming emotionally exhausted. 
  • How to establish Rules of Engagement and set healthy boundaries to avoid burnout.
  • How to engage your staff to wholeheartedly assist in the “clean up.”
  • Evaluate the health of your workplace culture so you can attract and keep the best talent.
  • How to create engagement and inclusion with your disbursed or hybrid work teams.
  • How to reinforce your healthy culture with daily communication and collaboration.

The way companies are finding talent and building culture has changed more in the last few years than it has in thirty!  It’s the “wild west” out there and staying competitive in today’s market means not only attracting top-tier team talent but efficiently and effectively incorporating them into your business and THEN retaining them.  

The bottom line, EVERY industry today faces disruption and massive change! Whether it’s responding to the talent shortage, tackling a turnaround, or adjusting to a period of rapid change, your company’s success relies on a high-performance and agile culture.

With over three decades of partnering with clients to create sustainable business cultures and structuring their organizations to produce empowered “stakeholders,” we realized we were helping organizations achieve this long before it became cool. Now it’s essential!!

  • CEO’s
  • COO’s
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Chief Learning Officer
  • Directors
  • Project Managers
  • Operations Managers 
  • Field Supervisors
  • Team Leaders

Kathryn Dager, President of Profitivity Inc. is a powerhouse business consultant who knows how to whip businesses into shape. She founded Profitivity Inc, in 1985 and has over 38 years of experience, she's helped hundreds of companies worldwide achieve cultural agility, higher performance, sustained profitability, and growth. Kathryn's known for creating trust-based business cultures, developing customized training systems, and facilitating collaborative work teams. Her clients include big names like American Express, GAP, MasterCard, and Polo-Ralph Lauren, to name a few. She's also an accomplished author with three best-selling books under her belt. When she's not revolutionizing the business world, Kathryn loves to cook, entertain, play golf, and travel. She's engaged to be married and a doting mother and grandmother. And if you're lucky, she might even serenade you with a show tune!

Kathryn is the best-selling author of "The Business Owner’s Guide To Empowered Leadership,” “More Than A Throw-Away Job” and “Access Your Greatness.”  She has created hundreds of customized training systems, 50 interactive online courses and published over 100 articles.  She has a Masters's in Psychology and a Bachelor’s in Business Management and is a Certified Coach from Life Mastery Institute.  She is also a certified Master's in NLP, Neuro Re-Patterning, Results Certification, and Platform & Presentation Skills.

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