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When one of your employees gets injured on the job, what is your plan? How can you ensure that employee returns to work happy, healthy, and productive as quickly as possible? Can you afford to replace that individual should they never return to their job?

In this webinar, we will discuss the fundamentals of an effective injury management process, from the moment an employee is hired through them returning to their full job after an injury.

Kevin Ring, MWCA will discuss how to introduce employees to how workers’ compensation works BEFORE an employee suffers an injury. We will discuss what relationships and resources your business needs to have in place and how to take advantage of those to be sure an injured employee returns to work as quickly as possible.

Everyone involved in workers’ comp knows about “Return to Work”, but it is often left up to the employer to figure out how to make it happen. Kevin will lay out the concepts that underpin effective Recovery-at-Work and how to build a program that works in your business.

Return to Work has always been important, but with the labor shortage at historic levels, being sure you don’t lose a good employee because of a workplace injury is more important than ever.

The strategies and tactics covered in this webinar can reduce the involvement of injury attorneys in your workers’ compensation program, eliminating unnecessary costs and preventing you from having an adversarial relationship with your injured employee.
We will also be discussing a key component of injury prevention that is often left out of the conversation: The hiring process.

Kevin will cover an attorney approved hiring process that prevent you hiring someone that is not capable of doing the job you need them to do.

  • Hiring the right employee
  • Training employees about how workers’ comp works, BEFORE they are injured
  • What to do when an employee suffers an injury
  • How you can employe telemedicine in workers’ comp
  • How to effectively bring employees back to work, even if they have restrictions

Your people are the most important asset in your business. Too often, when they are injured on the job, they are left to navigate a confusing system with little to no guidance as to what to expect, filling them with uncertainty and fear.

In this webinar, Kevin Ring, MWCA, Lead Workers’ Comp Analyst with the Institute of WorkComp Professionals will discuss the key components of an effective injury management program for your business. This starts with your hiring process, moving on to how you train employees about workers’ comp BEFORE they are injured. When an employee does get injured, how do you build a plan to make sure they get back to work as quickly as possible.

  • Anyone involved in Hiring Employees or Managing Employees After they Suffer an Injury

Kevin joined the Institute of WorkComp Professionals in 2003 after a stint managing systems for a mid-sized manufacturing company. A licensed P&C agent, Kevin has an affinity for making the technical simple. He is especially adept at unraveling experience mods, premium audits, and classifications.

His technical workers’ comp skills have helped Certified WorkComp Advisors through sticky situations (including analyzing an 84-page mod sheet), and he’s constantly working with Advisors to deepen their knowledge of Workers' & Comp.

Kevin has analyzed more than 1200 experience mod worksheets, finding and fixing errors for Certified Advisors and their clients. Because of his experience working with Advisors and analyzing mods, he has been involved in designing multiple pieces of experience mod analysis software. He also directed the development and production of the Locked and Loaded workers’ comp course, the Institute’s first program designed for employers.

Kevin has had articles featured and been quoted in insurance trade magazines such as Rough Notes and Insurance Journal, as well as numerous general industry trades.

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