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If you're looking to grow and move up in your career or business, it's no secret...gaining speaking skills will put you on the fast track. You don't have to continue to be tired of fumbling over your words, and leaving meetings feeling like you should have said this, and should have said that. You don't have to keep repeating yourself because no one understands your message or point. You don't have to continue to settle for less because you're not being appreciated, respected or even taken seriously.  Why continue to lose out when you can demonstrate your expertise, confidence and leadership by being an effective and clear presenter?

  • Identify the goals and purpose of your presentation
  • Identify the audience to tailor your presentation
  • Identify strategies to reduce nervous energy with strategic preparation 
  • Identify ways to engage your audience with diverse approaches
  • Identify strategies to handle unanticipated questions
  • Identify body language techniques to create a positive influence
  • Identify the benefits of delivering effective presentations

If you struggle to articulate your thoughts, if people constantly tell you they don’t understand, if you are required to give presentations as a significant part of your work, get the insider secrets on how to make your presentations have impact.

  • How to use the purpose and goal of your presentation as a guiding point for your presentation
  • How to perform research on your audience to create relevant examples and connection points
  • How to use mindset, and visualization techniques to generate enthusiasm
  • How to use analogies, metaphors, stories, visuals and statistics to appeal to various learning styles
  • How to handle question and answer period like a pro
  • How to use facial expressions, posture, and tone to display confidence
  • How to use presentation skills to achieve personal and professional goals

  • Educators
  • Sales people
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Supervisors

Monique Russell, MSC, is an International Inspirational Teacher, and Executive Communications Coach. She is the founder and managing partner of Clear Communications Solutions, LLC. and has taught thousands of leaders globally in Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Communications, consulted for government agencies, and fortune 100 companies. 

Monique has worked with several institutions of higher education in the areas of diversity, cultural sensitivity, public speaking, and communications with an emphasis on Emotional Intelligence. And, because of her background, she is a frequently sought after guest on business, local and international radio shows. She has shared her leadership expertise with local Chambers of Commerce, national associations, such as the Society of Human Resource Managers, National Headstart Association, National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies, school groups, and faith-based organizations. 

She is the founder and host of a Forbes recommended leadership conference, founder of the Clear Communication Online Institute, and an advisory board member of Leadercast— the world’s largest one-day leadership conference.

Despite the credentials and success, through the journey of life, Monique lost her confidence but reclaimed it through a series of empowering exercises and resources. It is because of her multi-dimensional experiences that her teachings on how to communicate confidently from the inside out are very effective. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcast Journalism, and two Masters of Science degrees in Public Relations and Advertising. She is a Certified Life Coach and DiSC facilitator.

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