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The Webinar will center around, Introduction to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Service regulations (, vulnerabilities facing medical facilities, businesses, and emergency communications provided by Amateur Radio.

An Amateur Radio’s primary purpose for existing is to provide backup communications in times of disaster. The webinar presents methods used to provide communications when internet and phone systems are not accessible due to human-made or natural disasters.

  • CMS regulations for medical facilities
  • Backup communications systems
  • Vulnerabilities in phone and Internet
  • Introduction to Amateur Radio
  • Where to look for backup communications in your state?
  • Homeland Security Shared Resources (SHARES) defined and how they can help your organization

Communications infrastructure vulnerability to disasters in the United States (U.S.) is significant Medical facilities accepting Medicare or Medicaid patients are required to have a backup communications system, or they may lose funding Voice and digital communications within and between facilities is not the only risk. The U.S. Power Grid Infrastructure is an easy target: facilities need to have a backup power source.

  • Hospital CEOs
  • Doctors
  • All medical facility staff
  • Patients and families of patients will benefit from the webinar

Dr. Michael Abitz received his Doctorate in Management from Colorado Technical University and Master of Science in Quality Assurance from California State University. Certifications include:

  • Six Sigma Quality Black Belt
  • Online Curriculum Developer
  • Online Instructor

His professional areas of interest include research, audio/video production, and creating topics for webinar presentations in addition to mentoring organizations in problem-solving.  Cost savings include $16.1million in addition to $14 million in new sales.
Dr. Abitz’s experiences include aircraft and computer industries where he developed and presented training in:
Organizational Process Improvement
Reliability Test Methods

  • Ongoing Reliability Testing (ORT)
  • Accelerated Life Testing
  • Six Sigma (35 classes each two weeks in length)
  • Root Causes Failure Analysis
  • Demonstrating MTBF to determine product reliability to US companies and Pacific Rim Suppliers

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