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This webinar examines the problems that can arise in the evaluation and appraisal review of some of the more complex and challenging commercial property types. Greater insight into the appraisal review process is provided, as it differs for each of the complex property types. This is a more advanced level webinar that assumes the attendees have education, exposure, and experience with the general appraisal process and typical expectations of reviewers when reviewing a commercial

Appraisal report.

  • Provides key terms and definitions for the various elements of complex property type operation and valuation
  • Examines the operational processes of property types that sell as a going concern
  • Discusses risk to the institute different methods for measuring and deducting intangible assets 
  • Learning the impact of these assets on the real estate value component of properties that sell as going concerns
  • Examines the regulatory constraints that apply for the appraisal and review of complex property types
  • Examines relevant approaches to value for each property type and how those methods differ in their application form and the valuation of less complex property types

  • The interagency appraisal and evaluation guidelines require banks to ensure appraisal quality and review each appraisal report prior to the final credit decision
  • The regulations additionally mandate that all reviewers have specific competency to review each specific appraisal report he/she is assigned
  • Reviewer competency is a combination of education, expertise, and proficiency
  • Reviewers given appraisals of complex properties to review must therefore first be educated on how the valuation of such properties differs from a non-complex property
  • Many of these complex property types are high-value properties with an associated large loan amount
  • Deficiencies in reviewer understanding are more likely to increase the operational risk of the institution (impair safety and soundness)
  • than loans collateralized by less complex property types

  • Review of hotel appraisal reports
  • Review of restaurant appraisal reports
  • Review of convenience stores (c-stores) and truck stop appraisal reports
  • Review of mixed-use property appraisal reports

  • Chief Appraisers and Appraisal Managers
  • Employees who bid and engage appraisers for the institution
  • Employees who review commercial appraisal reports
  • CEOs and Presidents of community banks and credit unions
  • Credit Administration Officers
  • Credit Officers involved in the appraisal function
  • Credit Reviewers and other credit side personnel
  • CRE Lending Group Managers

Heidi Lee is a commercial review appraiser with 18 years of experience at Whitney National Bank, a mid-sized financial institution. Since retiring from Whitney Bank in 2011, Ms. Lee has founded Appraisal Review and Consultation to share her skills and appraisal regulatory knowledge base with other financial institutions. Her firm offers commercial review services and appraisal policy/procedures assistance to small- and medium-sized banks across the country.

Heidi has earned the MAI and the AI-GRS designations issued by the Appraisal Institute and the MRICS designation issued by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. She holds a general appraiser certification in Louisiana and Texas and was appointed by two governors to serve on the Louisiana Real Estate Appraisers Board. Additionally, she is a member of RMA (Risk Management Associates), with a special interest in credit risk and operational risk.

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