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This training program will address why internal controls over travel and entertainment (T&E) expenditures are a critical component of the control environment. Although, the topic of travel and entertainment abuse is not one that management likes to address, it is a very important indicator of the adequacy of a company’s control environment.

  • Learn the importance of traveling and entertainment basics
  • How to develop strategies to provide an effective controlled environment?    
  • Learn the Internal Controls to avoid risks
  • Prevent fraud at an early stage
  • Learn the benefits of Internal Controls
  • Bridge the gap between Internal Controls and Sound Control Environment

If you are reviewing entertainment expenses and find discrepancies, how often do you hear management say, “What’s the big deal? How bad could it be?” This is a prime indicator that there is a gap in understanding of the importance of simple internal controls and a sound control environment.

With today's advanced technology and digital media, one would think that tracking simple T&E expenditures would be efficient. Yet with technological advancements comes new and innovative ways for individuals to side-step control procedures and slip the inadvertent expense through the system. This webinar will discuss the impact of T&E abuse on various risk areas. Among other discussions, the course will also highlight areas of T&E abuse that often go unnoticed and result in expenditure fraud.

  • Why internal controls over T&E expenditures are a critical component of the control environment?
  • The impact abuse of T&E can have on various risk areas?
  • Areas of T&E abuse that often go unnoticed and can result in expensive fraud
  • Identifying T&E red flags for fraud with data analytics
  • The role of technology in the advancement of control gaps
  • How to talk to management about identified findings?

  • CEOs/CFOs
  • Board members
  • Internal auditors
  • Compliance professionals
  • Operational professionals
  • Audit and risk professionals
  • Finance professionals
  • Legal department
  • HR personnel/managers/staff

Lynn Fountain has over 35 years of experience spanning public accounting, corporate accounting, and consulting. She has 20 years of experience working in the areas of internal and external auditing. She is a subject matter expert in multiple fields, including internal audit, ethics, fraud evaluations, Sarbanes-Oxley, enterprise risk management, governance, financial management, and compliance. Lynn has held two chief audit executive positions for international companies. Since 2008, she has served in positions where she was responsible for internal audit, enterprise risk management, and Sarbanes-Oxley. She has a private consulting and training business and has developed and delivered leading-edge training sessions on COSO, internal audit, ERM, accounting, leadership, governance, compliance, and ethics. She delivers training for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Institute of Internal Auditors, and multiple seminar and training groups.

Ms. Fountain is the author of two technical books that released in 2015; Raise the Red Flag - The Internal Auditors Guide to Fraud Evaluations and Leading the Internal Audit Function. Also, she is a frequent blogger on the LinkedIn platform and has also had numerous articles published in professional and technical publications. She is currently authoring a third technical book on corporate ethics and the internal auditor’s challenge. She has worked as an adjunct instructor for the School of Business at the Grantham University and developed the first internal audit curriculum for the School of Business at University of Kansas. She obtained her BSBA from Pittsburgh State University and her MBA from Washburn University in Kansas. She has her CGMA, CRMA credentials, and CPA certificate (non-active).

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