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With the Institute of Internal Auditors and many industry watch groups expressing a desire that auditors become trusted advisors, this webinar is designed to address that very concern. Focused on modifying the audit approach so that the auditor or audit team can exhibit the knowledge, insight, and contribution to the organization, participants will learn about skills necessary to be an advisor and the use of a new audit tool, which allows one to demonstrate those skills in a tangible manner.

  • How to gather information from various sources so you have information upon which to advise?
  • How to compare data so someone can arrive at their own conclusions?
  • Techniques that will enhance an individual reputation of industry knowledge
  • Learn skills of presenting material in a non-threating way
  • Remind oneself of the technique to advise
  • Put it all together in a state of the art report that can be referenced by management

Anyone who is interested in contributing to an organization in a lasting and positive way should attend this webinar. The cutting edge approach to audit will be discussed and explained to a degree that will allow anyone to convert today’s practices into tomorrow’s audit approach. The tool we use as an example simply reflects the skills that should be evident in any trusted advisor.

  • Designing a process of information gathering
  • Redesigning communication approaches to allow for advice giving
  • Develop a new way to share comparative analysis
  • Define “trusted” and “Advisor”
  • Communicating in an executive manner

  • Financial Services
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Governmental Services
  • Consulting

Daniel Clark brings over 30 years of experience in Financial Services from small regional banks, Sterling Savings Bank, and Washington Trust Bank, to Global giants like Citigroup and GE Capital. His roles included sales, credit risk management and operations early in his career. He has been fully focused on Risk Management and Internal Audit the last 17 years. 

His experience as Chief Auditor in two regional banks and as a senior officer in Audit and Risk Review for Latin America provides unique insight into management practices that outside the United States. He is also a recognized expert on GRC, an Industry Public Speaker and Blogger and has written a book; Dare to Be Different: An Auditors Personal Guide to Excellence: that has been well received by the audit community. Dan currently is an independent Contractor sharing his risk, audit and management knowledge throughout the western hemisphere.

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