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Speaker: Taryn Abrahams

Taryn Abrahams

Taryn Abrahams, one of New Jersey's most sought-after corporate behavioral and human interaction experts, focuses on improving workplace interpersonal relations and holistically strengthening corporate culture. Leveraging her experience as a psychotherapist, she has developed an innovative suite of workshops designed to help businesses enhance employee morale and to help foster more collaborative and productive workplace environments.

Her speech claims:

  • Strengthening soft skills including leadership skills, communication skills,
  • problem-solving skills, and interpersonal skills
  • Strategies to defuse biases and/or harassment
  • Build cohesive teams
  • Teach conflict resolution
  • Help identify harassment, bullying and other toxic workplace behaviors that compromise productivity

Taryn empowers corporate leaders, employees, managers, sales and human resource executives to shift the culture within their organizations to foster an environment that minimizes harassment risk. Her main objective is to help companies develop a culture that not only makes employees feel supported and protected but also to help companies protect their bottom line and their company public reputation. She emphasizes the power of understanding human behavior, social interaction, and education to drive a social shift

Live Webinars


Industry: HR Compliance

Duration: 90 Minutes

Recorded Session

This session is designed for the managers, who are either in the process of resolving harassment issues or are in the resolution phase. This workshop provides a safe platform for managers to discuss and brainstorm ways to promote and support workplace healing by focusing on messaging, language and brainstorm strategies that will promote healing, inclusion, and cohesiveness in the workplace.

Industry: HR Compliance

Duration: 60 Minutes

Recorded Session

Do you have three or more generations working in your office? Does your management team struggle to create a fully functional team of employees from different generations? Is there friction between managers and employees on when and where work should be performed? Do you want to better understand your Generation Y employees and know how to motivate them to be better employees? If so, this workshop is for you.

For the first time in history, five generations are working side by side, each with different leadership, communication, and career development styles. It's more important than ever for HR leaders, to understand, how to recruit, manage and retain employees of all ages. There are a variety of benefits of having a diverse and multi-generational workforce. However, sometimes, it comes with its challenges.