Amazon warns its users to uninstall PayPal-invested browser extension, security reasons are the cause


The e-commerce giant, Amazon, recently warned its users to uninstall a Browser Extention named Honey, which is invested with around $4 Bn by PayPal, as it possesses a security risk due to its features tracking online private data such as orders, transactions, etc., and can change as well as read the data on any other website the user visits.

PayPal has recently acquired the start-up Honey to promote its market in the US. Amazon and PayPal have not worked closely in past years, however, PayPal was once partnered with Amazon's competitor— eBay, and doesn't have PayPal's check out option in its application. Amazon has enabled a pop-up message that appears when a user browses Amazon's page with Honey's browser plug-in feature, which has asked the user to uninstall the app for security reasons.