Eliminating Gossips and Rumors: A Mandatory Compliance for Every Employee

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Every organization has its setbacks and demerits. But rumors and gossips are way too degraded to be called a setback for any organization. Can you imagine a workplace with a persistent rumor and upheaval that doesn't even make any sense? There are organizations where people are struggling and trying to find out a way to stop irrelevant and obnoxious rumors in which they live and breath since day one. Working every day in between the rumors can hinder your concentration, productivity, and charisma at work, which affects your growth and stability. This article discusses basic strategies that have proved to be effective in many ways to eradicate gossips and rumors quite conveniently.

Resist speaking about personal life crisis when you are at work

It can be quite tempting to share your sorrows and happiness with your colleague, who you think has been there for you since day one, however, being personal to any of your colleague (even if he/she is your day one friend) can sometimes cost you your work and lead to frustration and instability in the work-life balance. Words spread faster than you think. So it is better to draw a line between work and personal life whenever you see the situation going south.

Report the negative behavior to your HR immediately

The Human Resource department is paid to handle any employee conflicts and queries that can get in the way of the organization's growth. Although HR can not always run around solving pity fights and ugly cases of a personal feud, it sure does get involved in discrimination cases based on gender, personal identity, and other cases of harassment that propagates legal agenda. Seek immediate help from your HR, even when you think the situation is not of a great deal. You never know what might be turning up the next day, even before you step into the office. When you know nothing about the source from where the rumors have erupted and what to do with them, it is always better that you take the help of management, like Human Resources, to rectify the sources of these rumors.

Say NO to extra-time that you spend hanging out with your colleagues

It is quite natural to hang out with your colleague on a tea or a coffee break and discuss what is happening in the world, or probably talk about your favorite sport that is going live in a week or two. However, this can potentially lead up to gossips about personal life when you are tempted to take a little extra time than usual over the short break. With this, you tend to lose your focus from work, and your productivity comes down along with your rapport. Slacking down your extra break time with your colleague can help you mitigate any possibility of erupting rumors.

Take a stand against the negative behavior and false rumors

Ignoring rumors at work gives it more sparks to ignite into flames and spread like fire! The more you resist yourself from facing the rumors and ramifying it, the more it will seek every body's attention and ruin your work as well as your reputation. Taking a stand for yourself and turning down the false rumors can turn you into a positive person, as well as install a strong positive attitude in you to turn down any false rumors henceforth. However as mentioned above, it is always better that you take these matters to a higher level, such as HR than handling it on your own. This will give you a safer side and support to prove yourself right against the rumors and find the real reason behind the spreading rumors. Standing for yourself is a strong move towards any negative disruption, but you should not forget to deal with it cautiously. 

Getting up every day for the work with an idea about the rumors going around about you can be gruesome and enervating. But the choice is yours- whether you want to take action against it or let it overpower you and break you and your confidence. Take the right step forward today. Stop the unnerving and vilifying rumors that make you feel contempt and low at life.